Why this site over others? Topic

Hi, all! I am new to this site as of today; I'm trying out different apps and trying to see which is the best for me, regarding motivation, support, and price.

I've been on a free Noom trial (a few of my friends LOVE it and have lost weight using) for the last week and have used My Fitness Pal in the past.

What is it about this site that you all love? Also, do you have the free or premium membership and what do you see as the main difference there?

Hey Lainey,
I have probably used most of the apps out there. I have never tried Noom though. The reason I like this app over the others is that it gives you actual feedback into your eating habits and where to improve. I have the premium so that I can link my Fitbit and it has been worth the money.

Thanks! I have been using both for the past week, and I let my Noom trial (lots of features, but I?m unsure if I needed them all) expire and am sticking with this. I like this site?s interface a lot more than MyFitness Pal or SparkPeople!

I have been using this free app for years and love it. I just recently decided to go premium

Why this site over others?