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Hello everyone!! I am so looking forward to getting to know some of you. Is there anyone out there that would like to have an online motivation buddy!! Because I need one!! I was doing so well and I just slipped last night and had a hand full of Pringles and 5 chocolate chip cookies and 3 Keebler chocolate striped cookies and now I feel like crap cause it's only been a few days. Has this happened to anyone that messed up in the first few days!! Please help!!!!

Dont worry about a mess up, just get back in there and start again. Try to make better choices but plan for the things you want to eat. If you totally deprive yourself you will not do good. I am more of a food person but if you crave chocolate, the new Philadelphia cream cheeses come in three chocolate flavors. One teaspoon has very little calories.
Sometimes, if I only have a few calories I just eat a teaspoon of that and I feel like I got something good for just a little. Weight lose is a slow long fight but one that you can win! Keep it

Self control does not happen over night. Decrease the amount you eat next time. (because there probably will be a next time) Instead of 5 cookies only eat 2 or 3! it's about progression. Don't beat yourself up! Acknowledge there was a better choice and chose it next time! Besides, last night is GONE!!! Look forward, get some exercise, water and have a better day TODAY!

Like Annie said, just keep going. Important is that the day after slip you get right on the track. Also I think that it is not so big slipp.
Another thing, if you eat more that day than you should just go outside and to some calorie consumption. That will control the damage a litle bit. Good luck!

This happens with me too. I will make some brownies or cookies for the kids and choose to eat and extra 400-2000 calories. I then feel uncomfortable physically and like a loser emotionally. I have gained 9 pounds because of my bad decisions. I keep trying even though I don't make healthy choices when I'm tempted.

I'm an emotional eater, so if I get sick, feel sad, etc etc I eat... So in the last week and a half I have broken my daily plan 4 times LOL
But like everyone else has said, don't beat yourself up!!! I just try and make sure I get a little more exercise the for the next few days to even out. To keep your confidence up, when you check your daily analysis, switch it to the weekly analysis which will give you a more realistic picture of how you are tracking...2 bad days and 5 good often mean your averages are still pretty close to on track :)
Also, every day I put in tomorrows foods and plan for a desert and a small sweet snack... That way, it's in my budget if I feel like it, or I can swap it out for a higher quantity of better food if in just plain hungry :)

Oh ladies I hear you on all of it!~!!!! My husband works away from home so I find myself at times not knowing tyo do so I cupbord surf.... Its so bad...... Love to chat........

Hi I find that everything is ok in moderation. If u have eaten too much in one meal just make the next meal smaller. I find if there is a shorter gap between meal times then I don't feel like binging too badly so I keep my meals just 2 hrs apart. ??

Hi, new to the group.

I'm trying to lose about 50lb, on a 1lb per week plan but hopefully it might be quicker than that.
I would like to find someone attempting something similar loss wise, to make me accountable when I'm slacking or be encouraging at times. I in turn would do the same :)

Hi I?ve got 100 pounds to lose altogether. For now, I?m keeping my goal at 65 lbs as a start. I?d love to have some support and motivation. Hopefully, in turn, I can be that for others as well :)

need some motivation friends