Diabetes Success Stories

Joe Balfe

Changed my life

At the start, I was on 9 different medications for diabetes, high cholesterol and high blood pressure. My goal was to get off medication. About a month after starting my diet, my work announced a weight loss competition. I signed up and this gave me some extra incentive to keep going.

I started on 9 medications and I'm down to 3. Lost 65 pounds (20% of body weight), maintained for over 7 months.

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Before MyNetDiary
— MyNetDiary helps me know exactly how many calories I consume


I could have not achieved it without MyNetDiary

I got gestational diabetes and then it did not cure after the delivery. Lost 32lb (24%), maintained over three years.

I have been using MyNetDiary since 2009. There are times I gained weight and lost (in between, I was pregnant). I never thought I would enjoy doing exercise, but actually I do now. I feel a lot better if I do exercise (i.e. walking, yoga), I dedicate my time to yoga once a day; I try to walk as much as possible, including using stairways if I have the time.

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Before MyNetDiary
I could have not achieved it without MyNetDiary.

From User Reviews


I'm diabetic & 6 months post kidney transplant. I've been using this app since before my transplant and it's been so helpful in keeping track of my changing dietary requirements! I'm addicted to it!

by Gmoney 913 - Feb 3, 2013
Best I've tried

I've been trying to get a handle on my weight and blood glucose for a while now. Once you get used to the system, MND has the best food list around. I've lost 25# in the five months since I started.

by pwmeek - Jan 26, 2013
Life-changing app

Dramatic but true if one is serious about managing diabetes. Some quirks but support has been responsive and integration with website is excellent. 20 lbs lighter and diabetes under control so has been life changing for me.

by Mikeky11 - Jan 8, 2013