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After our Weight Loss Surgery and going strong 2 topics

If you have had weight loss surgery and are now on your own, this is the place to be. Whether you had the sleeve, Ruix-en-y, Bilopancreatic diversion or a lap band. we need to stick together and learn accept help and be support for each other. 2 topics

Last message on November 12 by Suebk: Do you have a primary care doc? Mine still monitors the things that commonly go wrong for WLS patients, and it's been 12 years for me. I know she looks for B12 deficiency, but don't remember what else.

Health with Chronic Illness 3 topics

Some of us have chronic illness and/or pain. Even though we might be more sedentary than most, I believe that we can be healthier with weight loss and good nutrition. I believe that those of us who are on steroids or other medications that tend to pack on the pounds, need that little bit of extra encouragement. 3 topics

Last message on October 20 by Luc.MND: The only effective way I have found to reduce stress is to simply ignore it. The moment you try to do something to minimize stress, you are actually increasing it. It's like fighting the entropy itself, any disturbance actually increases it.

Elan Women's Challenge 1 topics

We are here to motivate each other to be our best selves! 1 topics

Last message on September 12 by FruHansen: Hi, can I join your group?

Generic Fitness Name 1 topics

Our goal is to give each other advice, motivation, and keep each other going when we feel ready to stop. Humor is always encouraged. :) 1 topics

Last message on September 4 by VeganFoodie: Girl I believe in you!!

The_Ketoned_Kitchen Fans 1 topics

Keto Recipe Swap and shared success stories 1 topics

Last message on September 3 by The_Ketoned_Kitchen: Sorry for the late reply!! I just saw the message. Re eating more protein, try increasing the size of your portions, i.e. a larger steak, larger piece of salmon and an extra egg. Another good option is to add more cheese. Look at the macronutrient...

Team Skinny 1 topics

Describe the group and its goals here. 1 topics

Last message on August 17 by Ipanemagirl: Hi!

Keto way of living 2 topics

A ketogenic diet (keto) is a high-fat, adequate-protein, very low-carb diet (up to 30g of carbs a day), which turns the body into a fat-burning machine.. The diet forces the body to burn fats rather than carbohydrates. And when you have plenty of fat in your body, you are never hungry. 2 topics

Last message on August 11 by Lbomba65: I am new to posting in a group. I guess I am introducing myself. Nervous about making all my stuff public on the app but hoping it helps in some way. Started Keto about mid June and have lost about 15 - 17 lbs. Love the keto way of life. Biggest...

Tinsel Chicks 30 topics

Tinsel Chicks are here to support each other in our personal goals. 30 topics

Last message on July 29 by Kate-T: I don't know why I never get alerts for new posts. Sorry I didn't respond before. I'll try to check for frequently. Hope you're doing great. Love you! ??

Fitness freak 1 topics

for people who are fitness freak 1 topics

Last message on July 12 by Keyul: According to my view cardio are best but still some haven't been heard can be listed here.

Danes on MyNetDiary 1 topics

En lille gruppe for alle danskere, hvor vi kan stoette hinanden 1 topics

Last message on June 27 by BobK: ... danskere overhovedet? ????