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Hottie or Else 2018 2 topics

Hoping to be a one-stop support spot for 40+ females striving to stay motivated, disciplined, consistent and committed to a achieving healthy weight loss goal or milestone by January 2018... Thinking posts might include such as inspirations, recipes, tips and even rants or questions. Encouraging, positive and supportive posts only, please... 2 topics

Last message on May 28 by --Michele--: I'm new to the whole group thing. I exercise and need to work on my diet! I'm a chocolate freak! Also, I'm exhausted! How do you deal with fatigue?

60 + 60 1 topics

I have just gone into my 60s in April. I have 60lbs to lose. I am going to blog here. anyone wish to join in...feel free. All constuctive support accepted from and for all. I will have this sorted before I am 61. 1 topics

Last message on May 21 by Sloanranger: Just back from Holiday today. Weight 14st gain but I walked a lot and only really ate one meal a day. Heat seemed to turn me off food. So is all systems go as from tomorrow. Plan for week 1. Less carbs and junk food......crisps, cake...

Tinsel Chicks 29 topics

Tinsel Chicks are here to support each other in our personal goals. 29 topics

Last message on May 16 by Meg-O: How's it going? I've been sitting at 143 for three weeks but I can't really complain since I kind of fell off the wagon with exercise and tracking food. Trying to get moving again starting today

Keto way of living 1 topics

A ketogenic diet (keto) is a high-fat, adequate-protein, very low-carb diet (up to 30g of carbs a day), which turns the body into a fat-burning machine.. The diet forces the body to burn fats rather than carbohydrates. And when you have plenty of fat in your body, you are never hungry. 1 topics

Last message on April 8 by Mszoe: from A ketogenic diet (keto) is a very low-carb diet, which turns the body into a fat-burning machine. It has many potential benefits for weight loss, health and performance, but also some potential initial...

Fatso953 2 topics

Making the world a better place 2 topics

Last message on March 19 by Ags: There will be awards

Getting Fit For Life 11 topics

We are changing our lifestyles, rather than dieting. Let's share ideas for staying motivated, burning more calories or anything else you think is helpful. Got an issue, someone has probably been through the same thing, let's talk about it! 11 topics

Last message on March 9 by A-n-n-e: An easy way to get in extra steps or minutes of exercise, walk/jog in place or around your home during the commercials.

Herbalife users everywhere in the world 1 topics

For people using herbalife anywhere in the world. 1 topics

Last message on February 3 by MAFDiet: Let's exchange. Very interested in other people's experiences

Medifast dieters!!!! 2 topics

Everyone on medifast 2 topics

Last message on January 17 by U2109857: Just got back on after 3 years off. Gained back plus some. Plan on loosing 3-4 lbs a week as I did last time. When I finished last time I thought it took me 15-20 years to put it on so it'll take at least 5-10 to put it back on this time. NOT! This...

6 Pack! 2 topics

Looking for young adults to join (30-40). My hope for our group is to motivate one another to reach our weight loss goals. I want you to share your weight, the real number, and let that honesty motivate you! Sure we will stumble, but together we will never fall! *Share Tips *Share Recipes *Share Struggles *Share Successes 2 topics

Last message on January 7 by Txviking78: Hi guys I'm starting my new weight loss journey and I'm also switching gyms the end of next month. My current weight is 225.6 and I'm wanting to get down to 145 by this time next year I know I can do this just need to stay focused and away from...

Weight Journey 15 topics

My goal for this group is to have people share their journeys in the struggle to lose weight and keep it off. I want people here to share their experiences comfortably and without criticism that is not constructive. This group is also for those who want to share their wisdom and weight loss tips. Good luck in your journeys! 15 topics

Last message on January 4 by Lopias: Hello everybody..good afternoon..introduce my self as 42 year old man..obese category..looking for share information..experience...honest testimoni in the journey to fat and weight loss..tq.