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For those looking for an Active Group 5 topics

A group open to all that want an active group. Talk, discuss, swap ideas, plans and just general support 5 topics

Last message on April 3 by Belladonna3k: Fairly new on MND. I am really loving it so far. Right now I have the free plan but if things continue to go well and I continue to feel comfortable using it regularly, I will most likely upgrade to Premium. I'll be 59 this year and have been in...

Whole 30 AccountabiliBuddy 2 topics

Post here for the whole 30 you're doing for July. There is one special group starting July 10th and going through August 9th. 2 topics

Last message on March 29 by U1198563990: i over ate today and feel like i should pretend tomorroe that i ate those calories but not eat them to ocmpensate for the wight gained so that i "dont gain it"

Losing weight with Fibromyalgia and other chronic health issues 3 topics

A place to vent, to celebrate small wins (large ones too ). Share your experience, strength and hope. Ask questions, seek/offer support from others who understand what you deal with on a daily basis. 3 topics

Last message on January 20 by Survivor79: Hi! I was just wondering if everyone is still active with the app and if anyone is interested in doing like a little challenge or something? Just to get things going?

Active 50 + 3 topics

In a plateau, need encouragement, let's be friends. Share your thoughts and we can reach our goals. 3 topics

Last message on 10/15/23 by PositiveMindset: Looking at groups, many have old posting from August. Is there any activity with this group?

Strong Start - November 21 Day Reset 2 topics

21 days of coaching focusing on single ingredient foods, moving, lifting, habits and the role mental health plays in our relationship with food. 2 topics

Last message on 09/30/23 by StartStrong: This challenge doesn’t only address fitness from a nutrition & exercise perspective, we will also address motivation and mindset. For 21 days you'll receive insights, facts and inspiration to help push you to your goals.

Autoimmune with weightloss and fitness struggles but in the fight to win! 1 topics

A place for people with autoimmune disease(s) on the weight loss and health improvement journey. Share your story, share your struggle, share your wins and offer your support, encouragement and understanding. 1 topics

Last message on 09/11/23 by 2tired: I was working out with a trainer for 6 weeks. Lost about 1.5 lbs. I re-evaluated my settings and realized I set myself up to maintain my weight, not lose it. I turned Autopilot and ‘add exercise to calorie budget OFF and voila, the weight...

Sunglasses emoji 1 topics

Describe the group and its goals here. 1 topics

Last message on 08/07/23 by 3ee: hai

Lose 100 Pounds - Change Lifestyle and Eating Habits 1 topics

Losing a significant amount of weight Common health issues and related elements Support and communication 1 topics

Last message on 07/26/23 by ElleBelle: Wow. I’m impressed. I need to begin again! You have inspired me!

Myrtle Manor 1 topics

Describe the group and its goals here. 1 topics

Last message on 06/18/23 by Alrose: I don’t know

Get skinny 1 topics

Describe the group and its goals here. woo 1 topics

Last message on 06/17/23 by Grizznasty: not worth it tbh