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60+ Anyone Over 60 63 topics

We are a group of fun loving people looking for support and friendship while moving forward toward healthier lifestyles and losing unwanted weight. 63 topics

Last message on February 24 by U1198687493: Good afternoon. I new to the site (need help with that), I'm overwhelm, and I need a weight loss buddy. I used to be on Spark People, but they changed, and I do not like the change. I'm happily married and live in northern Illinois.

Low Carbers 18 topics

This team is for those of us looking to lose and maintain weight through a low carb lifestyle. 18 topics

Last message on January 19 by Born2Pizza: you loose water only in the first week

50+ Anyone Over 50 76 topics

A team for all over 50 to talk about what you need and to help others in their needs. A team for making new friends and sharing anything that is important to you. Welcome! 76 topics

Last message on 08/22/23 by THT-Stephanie: I agree with the others. I am experiencing the same thing, but not hitting the panic button just yet as I am seeing changes in measurements. Are you seeing any evidence of weight loss outside of the scales?

40-Somethings 143 topics

Life only begins at forty. This team is for anyone in their 40's who has a goal to be physically and mentally healthy. Come make new friends and reach your goals. 143 topics

Last message on 08/15/23 by Loopylou1612: I’m willing to help

Living with diabetes 27 topics

Have you been told you have diabetes, pre-diabetes, "a touch of sugar," high blood pressure, abnormal lipids, insulin resistance or other health problems related to being overweight? Let's get together, share the challenges, lose that belly fat and get healthier. 27 topics

Last message on 07/05/23 by SheriMc: Get off low carb it only hurts us as diabetics. Yep I said that and after 30 years of suffering with type 1 diabetes and eating or trying to eat low carb I finally found the truth. Read Mastering Diabetes it changed my life and I no longer suffer...

Losing 25 to 50 Pounds 12 topics

For those with a weight loss goal of between 25 and 50 pounds. 12 topics

Last message on 05/07/23 by Celso51: I have a big sweet tooth lol

Mothers Losing Weight 19 topics

This is a group for women that are parents and trying to lose a lot of weight. Let's do it together. 19 topics

Last message on 03/27/23 by BackToMyPrimeDays: Hwy same here. I got this app about 6 ago off the last month because of trying to move and manage the house. Not. Reason to not take care of myself. How is it going for you? I have a 6 and 8 year old and feel the same way. I hope you’ve been able...

Pregnancy - before, during and after 8 topics

This group is for women trying to get to the place they'd like to be health-wise prior to getting pregnant, women trying-to-conceive, women that are currently pregnant and trying to maintain a healthy lifestyle throughout their pregnancy, and women after pregnancy trying to get back into shape. Please join us in health talk, baby talk, and everything in between! 8 topics

Last message on 12/11/22 by ChristieHolmes: Hi AppleMom! I know it’s been a while since your post, but how are things going? I am currently pregnant with my first baby and it sounds like we have similar goals. Would love to hear from you!

Losing 50 to 100 Pounds 58 topics

We are strong and wanting to regain our health! We might appear overweight now but just catch us when we meet our goals! Welcome! 58 topics

Last message on 08/20/22 by Marisa.Marisa: Hi Kats I just checked the website and you could have the lemonade sherbet 1/2 cup @ 90 calories, instead of the 1/2 serving of ice cream @ 250 calories. Hope this helps. Let us know what you decide

30-Somethings 93 topics

For anyone in their 30s serious about loosing weight of any amount or wanting to continue maintaining their healthy weight. Let's stick together to have fun and support each other. 93 topics

Last message on 07/10/22 by U1188840793: I am back again! - I had lost 20lbs and gained it right back. I've seemed to have returned to my old habits. This weight loss journey is challenging, I seem to tell myself one snack wont hurt but turns into more than one!!