Best workout playlist Topic

What are some songs on your playlist that get you through a hard workout?


anything bts lol

Bullet for my valentine

Another one Bites the Dust, We Will Rock You and We are the Champions by Queen
Thunderstruck by AC/DC
I Feel Good by James Brown
Happy by Pharrell Williams

Brenda (MyNetDiary)

Three Days Grace

anything punk rock, rock, metal, or horrocore/rap. a lot of eminem, the offspring, bowling for soup, limp bizkit, slipknot

Heavy metal bro

Indie for me

It depends on what you like. And which type of workout. Running is different for me vs lifting. What’s your genre/s?

I can’t quit - capital kings
You better work b$&ch - Brittany Spears
Cut my life into pieces - Papa roach
Rage Against the Machine songs
All Hail the Chief - Jidenna

Best workout playlist