Sharing Diabetes Diary

If you are interested in working with your patients or clients more closely, MyNetDiary supports secure information sharing between members. You and your clients will setup information sharing between you using MyNetDiary Community tools.

  • Access daily food and exercise logs.
  • Access BG, insulin, and medication logs.
  • See their graphical charts and reports.
  • Both one-to-one and group communications are supported.
  • Provide your feedback and recommendations using private or group-wide messages.

The following screenshot illustrates top-level overview of another person's diary. It is possible to drill down into daily and weekly reports and charts of foods, exercise, BG, medications and custom trackers, as well as exchange messages.

Privacy and Sharing Settings

Your client will need to setup My Information Sharing Settings on the Community tab, to allow you, and optionally, your client group, see certain types of his or her diary information.

Typically, clients share all types of information with their healthcare provider.

If you work with clients in groups, you can create a private Community group and send invites to your clients. This way you can organize your clients together, intitiate group discussions, send group announcements, and enable them support each other. Optinally, your clients may choose to share some of their information with other members of the group, for example their target and daily food entries and weight plan and progress.