Meals Log

The Meals Log allows you to record and analyse your food intake. It uses your Calories & Weight Plan along with Nutrient Targets to provide immediate analysis.

Tap anywhere for details and insights, you will be delighted.

Click three dots ⋮ buttons to get to the details and customize this screen.

The following topics are discussed below:

Log Everything Fast

Use keyboard or mouse, search and log in place. Be sure to read on Finding Foods - the most important MyNetDiary skill.

Keyboard is the fastest way to log your food like in spreadsheets:

  • Start typing food name, see instant search results
  • Choose your food with ARROW UP or ARROW DOWN keys
  • Complete food entry with TAB or ENTER keys
  • Return to editing previous field with SHIFT+TAB combination
  • Cancel editing with ESC key

    • Use Full Screen for Comfort and Details

      Find more foods, check food grade and nutrients, add entry details like meal and time.

      Easy Recall

      Choose your recent foods at the top of search results:

      Select foods from your Recent Meals or log your Frequent Foods:

      Manage your Favorites to log faster:

      Custom Foods and Recipes

      Create Custom food when you do not find your food in the catalog. You can also create a Recipe, which can have cooking instructions or can simply list ingredients of your favorite food like salad, bagel & cheese etc.

      My Foods collections allow you to manage your Custom foods and Recipes:

      Immediate Analysis based on Plan

      Relate your actual food and exercise calories to your Weight Loss Plan. Check distribution of calories among macronutrients. Analyse consumed nutrients using your personal Nutrient Targets. Find "champion" meals and individual foods - the largest contributors of calories and nutrients.

      Log Quick Calories

      You can simply log calories without finding a food. Many people lose weight by planning and tracking calories only. Please be advised that logging Quick Calories disables nutrient planning and analysis required for a healthy diet.

      Same Foods In The Meal

      Select and log foods from yesterday's meal:

      Copy, Move and Delete Entries

      Work with individual entry or select several meal entries to move, copy or delete. The easiest way to delete a food entry is to move the mouse cursor over the food icon, then click "delete" button displayed above the food icon.

      Customize Your Log

      Click on gear button at the top-right corner to customize your meal log. Choose the nutrients you want to see, track time, change sorting (you can also click column headers to sort) and see all settings related to food logging.

      Meal Planning

      Click on gear button at the top-right corner, select Settings, turn ~ Planned Food Indicator ON.
      Log future foods with ~ planned indicator.
      After eating the food click on ~ planned indicator to confirm eating as planned.