MyNetDiary Help

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This section explains the basics of MyNetDiary, including diet planning, daily food and exercise entry, and diabetes tracking.

Please review the help sections available in the menu on the left.

Besides the help sections listed on the left, these are some other useful resources that might help:

  • FAQ - Frequently asked questions about MyNetDiary features and functions.
  • Planning calories and nutrients, other articles and our blog.
  • Accessing your diary
  • Each screen in the iPhone, iPad, Android, and BlackBerry apps has a Help button or menu item.
  • If you have a diet question, please check our Community Forum, where our dietitian has answered many of your questions.
  • Ask us - Go to the Support section of your diary on the main site or mobile apps and fill in the form.
  • E-mail Customer Support at We will be glad to help.

Website Tips and Tricks

MyNetDiary is very simple and easy to use. Here are some tips to get you up to speed fast.

  • In most cases, MyNetDiary allows entering and changing data in-place, without clicking any "Save" buttons or going to other pages.
  • MyNetDiary saves your input automatically, as soon as you finish and leave the input box.
  • MyNetDiary remembers your choices, such as foods you eat often, organizes them, and suggests them first.
  • "My Foods" and "My Exercises" windows contain all the foods and exercises you entered. After a couple of weeks, they will contain all of your favorites.
  • "Same" and "Recent" links provide quick food copy from previous days.
  • You can use "Undo" and "Redo" buttons in tables.

Website Diabetes Tracking

MyNetDiary Maximum now includes comprehensive diabetes tracking. Flexible and powerful, it could be used not only for diabetes, but for tracking and categorizing any health-related information.