Tracker Customization Help

MyNetDiary tracking includes many trackers out-of-the-box, such as blood glucose, insulin, blood pressure, total blood cholesterol, and HDL cholesterol. You can also create your custom trackers. At any time, you can activate or deactivate some trackers, so they will be hidden from, or will show up on the Daily Tracking page. No data is deleted when you de-activate a tracker.

Custom Trackers

If the standard trackers don't cover your needs, for example, you want to keep track of daily stair steps or medications, you can create a custom tracker. For custom trackers, you can define a target value, select a color for charts, and also specify precision - how many digits are displayed after decimal point.

Customizing Blood Glucose

Blood Glucose is a very special tracker in MyNetDiary. It supports not just one target value, but target ranges. For example, you may have a range for pre-meal blood glucose readings, which is checked for when you assign one of "Before breakfast", "Before lunch", etc labels. You may have another range for post-meal blood glucose measurements. On the Customize page, you can define these ranges and specify when each range is checked for - by associating labels with the range. After that, when you assign the label to an actual entry (i.e. reading), all the ranges associated with the label will be checked for.

In addition, MyNetDiary allows automatic "Hypoglycemia" and "Very high blood glucose" labels assignment when you enter a value correspondingly below or above customizable thresholds.