Daily Tracking Help

This is the main page to enter your daily tracker entries. Depending on whether you have diabetes, or only want to use the flexible system of trackers, you may have different trackers selected in configuration. Simply click on an Add Entry link, and you will be presented with a form to enter measured value, time, assign one or more label(s), and enter an optional note.


Labels are very important, they help you classify and categorize your data, and to see any correlations or underlying causes. For example, you can assign labels to classify your blood glucose measurements as "Before breakfast", "After breakfast" and so on. MyNetDiary provides many labels out of the box - for blood glucose measurement times, insulin types, medications, your symptoms, and so on. Also, you can create your custom labels. You can assign multiple labels to any tracker entry.

Diabetes Daily Summary

If you have Blood Glucose tracker enabled, the Daily Tracking page will show Diabetes Daily Summary panel on the right. The panel calculates average blood glucose values for the day, including average pre- and post-meal values. Make sure you assign proper "before" and "after" labels to your blood glucose measurements, to calculate the averages correctly. Also, the panel shows total daily carbs, DiabetesCarbCount, Insulin, and Insulin:DiabetesCarbCount ratio.