MyNetDiary Community Help

MyNetDiary Community is a network of people losing weight and improving their lifestyle by tracking their diet and exercise with MyNetDiary. Community is a friendly place where you can team up with other people in order to obtain support, keep your motivation high and build long-term dieting accountability.

It is easy to get involved:

Participation in MyNetDiary Community is completely anonymous - as long as you don't share your real name or other information that can identify you (e.g. your postal address).


Forum is the common meeting place for all MyNetDiary community members. It is a place to communicate without group boundaries about issues interesting to everyone. Forum is managed by Support.
See the forum.

Share and find custom foods and activities

When you cannot find a food or activity in MyNetDiary system catalog consider searching community pages. There is a very good chance that somebody else has defined a custom food or activity you need for tracking in your diary. So go to Search page, type some keywords and select "Custom foods" or "Custom activities" area to narrow down the search.
See also the detailed instructions on sharing custom foods and activities.


Teams are typically large gatherings of people with common interests like choice of a diet, location, lifestyle etc. Team size is unlimited. Anyone is free to join, patricipate, or leave at any point in time. The teams allow new community member to get a feel of group networking benefits without creating her own group or joining a custom group. All teams are created by Support.

Custom Group

Custom groups are several users interested in knowing about each other's dieting progress and benefiting from peer-to-peer support, motivation and accountability. Members control exposure of personal information via community profile. Any member can start a new custom group or join existing custom groups - see Group Directory. Custom groups are usually small, it is not recommended to invite more than 5 people. Custom groups nurture trustful anonymous relationships between members. Small group size lets every member get and give enough attention and never feel being "lost in the crowd". Anyone can start one or more custom groups. Custom group owner defines the maximum number of members that can join the group when the group is advertized via group directory.

Group Owner

The person who starts the group is called group owner. After creating a group the owner can mark group as "advertized" in order to let other peopele find the group in group directory. It is possible to create private, invitation-only groups - the owner can uncheck "advertized" (so the group does not show up in the group directory) and send personal invitations to other community members the owner wants to invite. The owner can leave the group only after designating a new owner of the group.

Group Directory

Group directory is a list of custom groups that are marked as "advertized" and have available vacancies. In addition, group directory lists all existing teams (team sizes are not limited). The directory can be browsed via Groups & Teams page, or searched from right sidebar, or Search page.

Support User

Support nickname represents MyNetDiary support personnel and software developers. These are the people who created MyNetDiary and keep working on making it better. Support user owns forum and teams. When you have a question - ask Support.

Personal page

Every community member has a personal page with the following optional sections:
  • Personal Web Display
  • "About me" community profile: current goal, favorite diets and activities, geography etc.
  • Optional "Before" and "After" photos.
  • Blog with topics posted by the page owner.
  • Progress: daily bottom line, weight plan, weight chart, charts and reports, personal details.
  • Custom catalog: personal food and activity definitions.

Each section of your personal page has Privacy link leading to appropriate setting in your community profile controlling access to your personal information. Every segment of your personal page has a clear explanation on whether it is shared and who can see the segment.

The visitors of personal page can see only the segments shared by the page owner in his or her profile.

Friends and Others

It is very easy to start private communication with a person: go to person's page and send a personal message. You can find a person by searching for words from his or her "About me" profile, or simply click on nickname when you see it in topics or group member lists.

Sending a first personal message initiates two attitudes between two people. Initial message sender's attitude is Friendly, receiver's attitide is Neutral. Over time, every person can adjust personal attitute towards another person and set it to Friendly, Neutral or Ignoring.

When you are Friendly to someone, her name shows up in your friends list. You also have a personal list of "People you are Neutral with" and a list of "People you are Ignoring". Set your attitude to Ignoring when you do not want to see any personal messages from the person. Setting your attitude to Neutral allows you to see messages from a person without putting him in your Friends list.

Friends list is displayed on the Summary page, right sidebar and community profile sharing settings. "People you are Neutral with" and "People you are Ignoring" lists are displayed at Summary page.


Blog is a collection of topics with messages posted by a single person. Blog owner can choose to share his topics with groups or individual people via community profile.

Personal Web Display

Unlike other MyNetDiary Community pages, Personal Web Display can be made available to the whole World Wide Web. Live weight chart from your Web Display can be incorporated into a page on another web site, which is explained on the Web display.

Community profile controls whether Personal Web Display is enabled or not. Select "Plan and Progress" sharing with Everyone in profile to start sharing.

Please, notice that if you choose to upload your "Before and "After" photos and enable your Web display, your photos become visible to anyone on the Internet.

Community Profile

Your community profile defines community your participation in MyNetDiary Community.

Participate in Community is the main switch that hides all of your personal information or exposes information according to settings described below. The only exception is messages that you posted to groups and private messages sent to other people - they cannot be hidden.

"About me" fields let you provide additonal information about you, and allow other people to find you while searching for these fields.

Public nickname is the only required field of personal profile. The nickname allows anonymous participation in MyNetDiary Community. MyNetDiary requires that nickname does not contain person's first and last name at the same time. You are anonymous as long as you don't provide any information that identifies you (for example, don't post your real name). Then you can feel safe sharing your personal information, fears, and faults. You can reveal your current and target weight, share your difficulties and find peer support without revealing your real name.

Let everyone find my custom foods and activities option allows you to share your custom foods and activities. When enabled, other people can copy your foods and activities, but they cannot modify yours. This is a great way to share information for family members, who often eat the same foods.

My Information Sharing Settings define the level of sharing with groups and individual people. Please read Share Type Details table while deciding what personal information is shared with each group or user. Nickname protects your identity and allows you to share without being identified. Sharing is a great way of building trustful anonymous relationships between MyNetDiary Community members.