Reports and Alerts

MyNetDiary keeps track of calories and all nutrients for each and every day you enter. The Daily page shows totals for each meal and the entire day for all nutrients you've selected (you can select more nutrients and specify nutrition targets on the Plan page).

MyNetDiary provides few more options to analyze your eating patterns and weight loss progress.


The Reports tab allows to view the big picture - spanning a week, month, or even a year. You can see only day summaries, or all details, including all foods. In addition, you can choose to see only the nutrients you have selected to track, or all nutrients available.


MyNetDiary keeps track of your planned daily calorie consumption and weekly activities. If you exceed the planned daily consumption, a red alert will be displayed in the right sidebar on the Daily page. As it is impossible to perfectly match planned nutrition goals, MyNetDiary calculates running average over three days to avoid false alerts. One day, you can indulge more sweets, but it's OK, if you cut on sugar the next day!

Alert Box