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Hi all, I see the MND PRO app is available on the Apple App Store. My question is what benefits does it offer over the Free version and is it subscription based?


Hi Swigger,

You may find this link helpful. It compares free vs Premium (previously called Maximum). There are a lot of awesome features with Premium. Check it out!

Hope this helps! Brenda (MyNetDiary Dietitian)

You didn't even care to answer the OC question.
He/She doesn't ask what's the difference between free and Premium (subscriptions based).

I also want to know, what's tthe difference between one time fee PRO app and free (obviously iOS, since Android doesn't have this option).

Hi B3910476 and other members:

Free vs. PRO app info
* The PRO app simply allows you to track more nutrients and to customize your macros and nutrients. Many folks find that the free app does a great job and they don't feel that they need to buy the PRO app.

* Neither the free app nor the PRO app requires you to buy a subscription. However, be sure to create an account to log your foods so that your data is accessible from any platform you choose to use or upgrade to in the future.

* If you need to track extended nutrients, customize macros and other nutrients, track diabetes, do calories cycling, want access to all available reports and charts, link to FitBit/Garmin, text or more easily share custom foods/recipes, then my pick is to use the free app with a Premium subscription. The Premium subscription unlocks all features from the free app.

I hope this information helps,
Kathy, consulting dietiitan/diabetes educator with MyNetDiary

Free vs PRO app (iPhone)