1 October 10 Being Mindful of What We Eat

Sometimes we find ourselves halfway through a snack, candy bar or plate of something-not-so-good-for-us before we even realize we started eating. Call it a craving, boredom, forgetfulness or just a case of spacing out, but these knee-jerk reactions to eating can add unplanned (and unneeded) calories to your day.

Being mindful of the foods we put in our bodies does not happen overnight, but over time and by fostering self-awareness of your reactions to food cravings you can minimize or stop mindless munching. It takes practice and changing your response (both physical and emotional) to the triggers that cause automatic eating.

Some tips to set you on the right track for combating careless consumption are to:

  • keep notes about your mood when you eat. Write down how you feel before and after your meal or snack. Note when your general energy and awareness peak and when you feel sluggish. MyNetDiary offers this feature on your website profile and our mobile apps.
  • eliminate the thought that you must clean your plate at every meal. Part of keeping a food diary is learning how to control your portions. Sometimes we put more food on our plates than our body needs. Practice listening to your body when it says it has had enough.
  • address your boredom triggers. If you realize you are bored and start heading for the kitchen cabinets, try finding some healthy recipes instead, or planning your week's workout routine - do something that helps you achieve your weight management goals instead of delaying them.
  • acknowledge that there is no right or wrong way to eat. You know what your body needs, so don't feel like you have to conform to "three meals a day" or fill up on five-course dinners.

For a deeper look into "mindful eating," check out The Center for Mindful Eating, which draws substantially on the use of mindfulness meditation for healthful eating.

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