High-Protein Diet

Power with protein to help manage hunger and build strong muscles

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How it works

High-protein plans support weight loss by keeping you full longer and preventing loss of calorie-burning muscle mass. Personalize your protein target based on your body weight and nutrition goals. It's a good fit for athletes and people looking to build muscle mass. Choose animal and plant-based protein sources along with healthy carbs and fats.


  • Protein-rich foods keep you full longer and reduce hunger, making it easier to stick to your weight loss plan
  • Helps prevent muscle loss accompanying weight loss, maintaining a higher metabolic rate
  • Enjoy flavorful, filling foods and recipes
  • Perfect for athletes – get strong and energized with high-quality carbs and healthy fats

What it takes to follow High-Protein diet

Premium Recipes that Fit High-Protein Diet

Hundreds of easy High-Protein recipes, carefully crafted for balanced nutrition and great taste by MyNetDiary's team of Registered Dietitians. Here are a few sample recipes:

Comprehensive Tracking

Get Smart Analysis and Insights

Detailed shareable reports and charts

Reports and charts help you see the big picture and adjust your diet as needed.

Detailed nutrient analysis

MyNetDiary can track up to 50 nutrients, to make sure you are getting enough of important nutrients.

Day and meal totals

See macros and nutrients, along with Food Grade for your days.

Daily Analysis and Insights

Provides valuable feedback on your diet and nutrients, highlights important foods, and suggests more ideas for your diet.

Created by Registered Dietitians

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If you are starting a high-protein eating plan, check out these 5 steps for success

Whether you are starting a high-protein eating plan for weight loss, muscle building, or both, MyNetDiary can help. Follow these 5 steps to maximize your success.

Can high-protein meals help you lose weight?s

From protein bars to protein drinks to high-protein meals and snacks, extra protein consumption seems to consume every dieter and diet trend today. Do you tend to feel fuller when you eat more protein? Is it easier to stick to your calorie budget when you do? A study published in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition supports this idea.

What are protein powder pros and cons?

Among the protein powder pros and cons, one thing is sure-protein is an essential nutrient no matter what eating plan you follow. When it comes to weight loss, consuming more protein in your diet helps you reduce hunger and increase fullness.

Meet your protein needs for muscle gain

Whether you are a bodybuilder, trying to lose weight, or toning up, try these 5 tips from a top sports nutritionist to meet your protein needs for muscle gain.

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