Low-Carb Diet

Pump up protein and put brakes on carbs to get faster results.

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How it works

Lose weight a little faster by limiting calories coming from carbs. In turn, safely lower your blood sugar. Replace most carbs with quality proteins and fats to feel fuller longer with sustained energy and no sugar-drop energy crashes.


  • Protein-rich meals keep you filled and fueled
  • Helps lower blood sugar and improve insulin
  • Allows more vegetables and fruit than keto diet
  • Good for short-term weight loss

What it takes to follow Low-Carb Diet

Premium Recipes that Fit Low-Carb Diet

Hundreds of easy Low-Carb recipes carefully crafted for low carbs contents and great taste by MyNetDiary's team of Registered Dietitians. Here are a few sample recipes:

Comprehensive Tracking

Get Smart Analysis and Insights

Detailed shareable reports and charts

Reports and charts help you see the big picture and adjust your Low-Carb diet as needed.

Detailed nutrient analysis

MyNetDiary can track up to 50 nutrients, which is important for Low-Carb diet. Limiting high-carb foods, fruits, and vegetables in your diet requires you to make sure you don't develop vitamin and mineral deficiencies.

Day and meal net carbs

For the Low-Carb diet, MyNetDiary replaces calories with net carbs for all screens in the app. You'll see net carbs for foods, meal and day totals, as well as on the Dashboard.

Daily Analysis and Insights

Provides valuable feedback on your diet and nutrients, highlights important foods, and suggests more ideas for your diet.

Created by Registered Dietitians

Knowledge and expertise distilled into the powerful app
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Low-Carb Food Grade: Helping you find healthy low-carb foods

Need help finding healthy low-carb foods? MyNetDiary's Low-Carb Food Grade can help you plan and evaluate your low-carb diet.

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