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How it works

You lose weight when you eat fewer calories than you burn. Our Premium diet automatically tunes up your plan to achieve your target weight on time. It balances carbs, protein, and fat during your weight loss journey. Easy and delicious Premium Recipes help you eat healthily and stay within your budget. You will learn about better food choices, portion sizes, and eating habits for lifelong success in a healthy lifestyle.


  • No forbidden foods. Well-balanced nutrition
  • Hundreds of Premium Recipes
  • Considered the healthiest option for weight loss
  • Excellent for long-term maintenance

What it takes to follow the diet

Premium Recipes that Fit Your Lifestyle

Hundreds of easy recipes, with great variety, carefully crafted for great taste by MyNetDiary's team of Registered Dietitians. Here are a few sample recipes:

Comprehensive Tracking

Get Smart Analysis and Insights

Detailed shareable reports and charts

Reports and charts help you see the big picture and adjust your diet as needed.

Detailed nutrient analysis

MyNetDiary can track up to 50 nutrients, to make sure you are getting enough of important nutrients.

Day and meal totals

See macros and nutrients, along with Food Grade for your days.

Daily Analysis and Insights

Provides valuable feedback on your diet and nutrients, highlights important foods, and suggests more ideas for your diet.

Created by Registered Dietitians

Knowledge and expertise distilled into the powerful app
Planning weight & calories

Good news! You can stop guessing at how many calories you need to control your weight. When you guess at what you need, you are more likely to consume too few or too many calories, thereby preventing you from meeting your goal. That is frustrating and erodes confidence. Instead, use MyNetDiary to plan and track calories so that you meet your weight goal safely and effectively.

Understanding how to calculate portion size

If you are new to logging, or have been at it for awhile, you may have wondered about the best way to measure or calculate portion size. A key aspect of tracking is accurately figuring out how much food and drink you've consumed.

What is the Food Grade?

You are at the grocery store staring at 100 boxes of breakfast cereal. How do you decide which one is healthier? If you have the time and interest, you might pick up several boxes and read the Nutrition Facts panel. But which nutrients are more important to pay attention to - the ones that can be harmful, the ones that are beneficial, or both?

How to create your own workout plan from scratch

Whether you call it exercise, physical activity, or moving, learn how to create your own workout plan that becomes part of everyday life. Each of us, despite our interests or physical limitations, can learn to enjoy regular physical activity. The secret is discovering activities you like, are willing to make time for, and can perform without pain or injury. Sit less, stand more, and walk more because being sedentary is frankly a health risk. Being active and fit, even with higher body weight, protects and prolongs health.

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