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The easiest and most powerful Low-Carb and Keto app

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Carb Genius Advantage

The app has everything - macros planning and tracking, ketone and blood glucose tracking, charts, analysis tools, and more.

Most accurate verified food database with 1M+ foods.

Absolutely fastest and easiest food logging.

Diet guidance with analysis, advice, and charts. Easy, delicious recipes created by Registered Dietitians.

What It Takes to Succeed

Set up Your Low-Carb diet

Choose between Low-Carb or Keto. Choose your desired weekly weight loss rate and target date. Set your carb target and other macros.

Log Your Meals & Exercise

Use the app to track your food, exercise, water, and more. Use the barcode scanner. Use Grocery Scanner to select better foods while shopping.

Track Your Progress

Keep track of your daily progress, check your weight loss forecast, and get ongoing advice and feedback from the app. Learn more about nutrients in your diet and make better choices.

Reach Your Goals

Learn more and improve your low-carb lifestyle from our diet library. Try fast and easy low-carb recipes crafted by Registered Dietitans.

Comprehensive Tracking

Premium Recipes for Low-Carb Diets

Hundreds of easy Low-Carb & Keto recipes carefully crafted for low carbs contents and great taste by MyNetDiary's team of Registered Dietitians. Here are a few sample recipes:

Get Detailed Analysis and Guidance

Detailed Reports and Charts

Reports and charts help you see the big picture and adjust your Low-Carb diet as needed.

Detailed Nutrient Analysis

Carb Genius can track up to 50 nutrients, which is important for Low-Carb diet. Limiting high-carb foods, fruits, and vegetables in your diet requires you to make sure you don't develop vitamin and mineral deficiencies.

Day and Meal Net Carbs

The app keeps track of total carbs and net carbs, helping you stay on track. Special Low-Carb and Keto Grades will help you make better food choices.

Daily Analysis and Insights

Provides valuable feedback on your diet and nutrients, highlights important foods, and suggests more ideas for your diet.

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