18 October 2012 Don't Let Autumn Make Your Healthy Lifestyle "Fall" Off

Summer seems to make exercise effortless – it's warm outside, the days are long, you can wear comfortable shorts. Now that fall is in full swing, it's time to use this seasonal shift to your advantage instead of hibernating until it's time to make a New Year's resolution.

One of the challenges people face as the weather begins to cool is finding seasonal fresh produce. There are many great fall fruits and vegetables, but in addition to finding and cooking with those, don't be afraid to start searching the frozen food sections of your grocer. There are many great frozen foods that still pack a nutritional punch.

Another challenge some face is that cooler weather induces cravings for "comfort foods," which are as caloric as they are tasty. Two ways you can approach these high-calorie temptations is to practice smaller portions, or better yet, learn to give them a "healthy makeover." Some great candidates for this are pecan and pumpkin pies, cream-based soups, stuffing, and cheesy side dishes. Start now and you'll be ready for a healthier Thanksgiving and Christmas dinners.

Perhaps the hardest obstacle to address is the fact that the days are getting shorter, and since we can't give them a makeover or buy sunshine at the store (short of tanning!), use this as an opportunity to seek out a new class at your gym or joining a fall sports recreation team. Lots of places offer indoor soccer or basketball. Gyms generally gear up their bootcamp classes at this time of year. Pick something new and go for it!

Tell us, what about Autumn excites your healthy lifestyle and what challenges does it bring?

Ryan Newhouse

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