1 March 12 Eating Tips from Former ‘The Biggest Loser' Nutritionist Include Food Journaling

From an interview with Fitness Magazine, Cheryl Forberg, Registered Dietitian, James Beard award-winning chef and creator of The Biggest Loser meal plan, said her tip for anyone wanting to lose weight is to work within your calories budget and plan your meals accordingly.

Excerpted from the interview, Forberg said she was surprised and shocked at the state of the contestants' health in the first season. Even in the first season there was a large applicant pool, but by Season Five over 220,000 people applied to get on the show. Through the years, Forberg realized that she was hearing the same mistakes being made time and again from the applicants.

These mistakes, or oversights, included believing that skipping meals would lead to weight loss; too many were drinking too many calories, or eating too much processed food and not eating enough fruits and vegetables. And almost everyone had little to no water consumption.

The biggest mistake Forberg saw was that people were prioritizing too many other things in their lives (family, work, hobbies) when they should be making themselves and their health the priority. They needed to "get their head in the game and get healthy," said Forberg.

To do that, Forberg suggests to all the contestants (and anyone who wants to lose weight) to learn their calories budget and literally break it down in the right number of calories per meal. For example, in a 1,200 calorie budget, Forberg suggests devoting 300 calories to three meals and 150 calories to each of two snacks. If you do this, after a few weeks you'll learn what a 300-calorie meal looks like, especially when you go out to eat.

Forberg also suggests that planning is key to success, and we should plan our meals right when we're getting hungry (or before) and not wait until our stomachs are growling.

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