13 December 2012 Five Holiday Fitness Tips

Does life feel a little extra busy right now? Do you already have a house full of guests or are you getting ready to travel yourself? Now is not the time to put exercise on the back burner. It's the time to commit to staying a step ahead of your health. In order to do this, here are five fitness tips you can do this holiday season.

  1. Post your goals so you can view them on a daily basis. This constant reminder will help you remember what is most important in your life. It can be as simple as "Eat five servings of fruits and vegetables or I'm going for a walk today."

  2. Recalculate your goals. Goal setting and re-evaluating is very important. It can get you through the holidays. If for instance, you average five workouts per week, try setting a goal of three instead. Or just try to hold your weight steady instead of trying to lose weight. These "treading water" goals may make the holidays more enjoyable by taking the pressure off. Maintaining is a very reasonable goal.

  3. Find a workout partner who will help you when you find your motivation starting to fade. Workout partners are a great way to keep on track because they keep you accountable, and it is more fun to work out with a friend.

  4. Change your workout time. Most people will be more consistent if they move their workouts to the morning hours, as many people are too tired after work and running errands to get to the gym. If you already work out some mornings but keep finding ways to miss hitting the gym, change up to the evening instead. The point is to make going to the gym feel "new" again.

  5. Consider making an investment in a trainer. If you make a financial investment to keep on track you will make your appointments. Accountability and motivation are two big selling points for personal training. You will learn more and find new and better ways to reach your fitness goals.

Have any other fitness tips to add?

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