Baked products

27 subgroups ( 80 total groups ) , 235 Foods ( 729 total foods )

Cookie vanilla with caramel coconut and chocolate coating
Food Score:-9 Calories:489cals Fat:26g Carbs:64g Protein:4g in 100g
Cookie with peanut butter filling chocolate-coated
Food Score:-10 Calories:562cals Fat:35g Carbs:53g Protein:8g in 100g
Cookies animal with frosting or icing
Food Score:-10 Calories:509cals Fat:24g Carbs:70g Protein:3g in 100g
Cookies brownies commercially prepared reduced fat
Food Score:2 Calories:345cals Fat:10g Carbs:62g Protein:3g in 100g
Cookies chocolate sandwich with creme filling reduced fat
Food Score:-4 Calories:436cals Fat:13g Carbs:76g Protein:3g in 100g
Cookies graham crackers plain or honey lowfat
Food Score:2 Calories:386cals Fat:6g Carbs:78g Protein:6g in 100g
Cookies oatmeal sandwich with creme filling
Food Score:-5 Calories:398cals Fat:18g Carbs:56g Protein:3g in 100g
Cookies peanut butter commercially prepared sugar free
Food Score:-4 Calories:523cals Fat:31g Carbs:51g Protein:10g in 100g
Crackers cheese reduced fat
Food Score:-3 Calories:418cals Fat:12g Carbs:68g Protein:10g in 100g
Crackers cheese whole grain
Food Score:0 Calories:412cals Fat:16g Carbs:57g Protein:10g in 100g
Crackers cream gamesa sabrosas
Food Score:-6 Calories:484cals Fat:20g Carbs:65g Protein:7g in 100g
Crackers cream la moderna rikis
Food Score:1 Calories:464cals Fat:20g Carbs:65g Protein:7g in 100g
Crackers multigrain
Food Score:-4 Calories:482cals Fat:20g Carbs:68g Protein:7g in 100g
Crackers saltines whole wheat (includes multi-grain)
Food Score:-1 Calories:398cals Fat:11g Carbs:68g Protein:7g in 100g
Crackers wheat reduced fat
Food Score:-2 Calories:444cals Fat:13g Carbs:72g Protein:9g in 100g
Crackers whole-wheat reduced fat
Food Score:3 Calories:416cals Fat:8g Carbs:76g Protein:11g in 100g
English muffins whole-wheat toasted
Food Score:5 Calories:221cals Fat:2g Carbs:44g Protein:10g in 100g
Focaccia italian flatbread plain
Food Score:-1 Calories:249cals Fat:8g Carbs:36g Protein:9g in 100g
Garlic bread frozen
Food Score:-3 Calories:350cals Fat:17g Carbs:42g Protein:8g in 100g
Girl scouts chalet cookies
Food Score:-6 Calories:478cals Fat:19g Carbs:72g Protein:4g in 100g