6 subgroups , 17 Foods ( 38 total foods )

Group Angelfood 3 Foods
Group Chocolate 3 Foods
Group Snack cakes 3 Foods
Group White dry mix 4 Foods
Group Yellow dry mix 4 Foods
Boston cream pie commercially prepared
Food Score:-3 Calories:252cals Fat:8g Carbs:43g Protein:2g in 100g
Cake carrot dry mix pudding-type
Food Score:-2 Calories:415cals Fat:10g Carbs:79g Protein:5g in 100g
Cake cherry fudge with chocolate frosting
Food Score:-3 Calories:264cals Fat:12g Carbs:38g Protein:2g in 100g
Cake fruitcake commercially prepared
Food Score:-1 Calories:324cals Fat:9g Carbs:62g Protein:3g in 100g
Cake german chocolate dry mix pudding-type
Food Score:-3 Calories:350cals Fat:3g Carbs:81g Protein:4g in 100g
Cake gingerbread dry mix
Food Score:-5 Calories:437cals Fat:14g Carbs:75g Protein:4g in 100g
Cake marble dry mix pudding-type
Food Score:-4 Calories:416cals Fat:12g Carbs:79g Protein:3g in 100g
Cake sponge commercially prepared
Food Score:-3 Calories:290cals Fat:3g Carbs:61g Protein:5g in 100g
Homemade gingerbread cake
Food Score:-4 Calories:356cals Fat:16g Carbs:49g Protein:4g in 100g
Homemade pineapple upside down cake
Food Score:-2 Calories:319cals Fat:12g Carbs:50g Protein:4g in 100g
Homemade shortcake
Food Score:-2 Calories:346cals Fat:14g Carbs:48g Protein:6g in 100g
Homemade sponge cake
Food Score:-2 Calories:297cals Fat:4g Carbs:58g Protein:7g in 100g
Homemade white cake with coconut frosting
Food Score:-4 Calories:356cals Fat:10g Carbs:63g Protein:4g in 100g
Homemade white cake without frosting
Food Score:-3 Calories:357cals Fat:12g Carbs:57g Protein:5g in 100g