51 Foods

Knackwurst knockwurst pork beef
Food Score:-6 Calories:307cals Fat:28g Carbs:3g Protein:11g in 100g
Lebanon bologna beef
Food Score:-2 Calories:172cals Fat:11g Carbs:1g Protein:19g in 100g
Liver cheese pork
Food Score:-5 Calories:304cals Fat:26g Carbs:2g Protein:15g in 100g
Liverwurst or pork liver sausage
Food Score:-4 Calories:326cals Fat:28g Carbs:2g Protein:14g in 100g
Liverwurst spread
Food Score:-4 Calories:305cals Fat:25g Carbs:6g Protein:12g in 100g
Luncheon sausage pork and beef
Food Score:-5 Calories:260cals Fat:21g Carbs:2g Protein:15g in 100g
Luxury loaf pork
Food Score:-1 Calories:141cals Fat:5g Carbs:5g Protein:18g in 100g
Macaroni and cheese loaf chicken pork beef
Food Score:-0 Calories:228cals Fat:15g Carbs:12g Protein:12g in 100g
Mortadella pork and beef
Food Score:-6 Calories:311cals Fat:25g Carbs:3g Protein:16g in 100g
Mother loaf pork
Food Score:-5 Calories:282cals Fat:22g Carbs:8g Protein:12g in 100g
New england brand sausage pork beef
Food Score:-2 Calories:161cals Fat:8g Carbs:5g Protein:17g in 100g
Olive loaf pork
Food Score:-3 Calories:235cals Fat:16g Carbs:9g Protein:12g in 100g
Oven-roasted chicken breast roll
Food Score:-1 Calories:134cals Fat:8g Carbs:2g Protein:15g in 100g
Pastrami beef 98% fat-free
Food Score:1 Calories:95cals Fat:1g Carbs:2g Protein:20g in 100g
Peppered loaf pork beef
Food Score:-1 Calories:149cals Fat:6g Carbs:5g Protein:17g in 100g
Pepperoni pork beef
Food Score:-10 Calories:494cals Fat:44g Carbs:0g Protein:23g in 100g
Pickle and pimiento loaf pork
Food Score:-3 Calories:225cals Fat:16g Carbs:8g Protein:11g in 100g
Picnic loaf pork beef
Food Score:-4 Calories:232cals Fat:17g Carbs:5g Protein:15g in 100g
Pork and beef sausage cooked from fresh
Food Score:-8 Calories:396cals Fat:36g Carbs:3g Protein:14g in 100g
Pork and turkey sausage pre-cooked
Food Score:-6 Calories:342cals Fat:31g Carbs:4g Protein:12g in 100g