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396373 Foods

"7 wonders of the world" mix by organic living superfoods
Food Score:5 Calories:286cals Fat:2g Carbs:75g Protein:7g in 100g
"flip" mango passion power greek yogurt by chobani
Food Score:0 Calories:147cals Fat:6g Carbs:16g Protein:8g in 100g
"flip"pure pear & honey greek yogurt by chobani
Food Score:1 Calories:93cals Fat:3g Carbs:9g Protein:7g in 100g
"green juice" gummy bears by pressed juicery
Food Score:-1 Calories:330cals Fat:0g Carbs:75g Protein:5g in 100g
"happy rice" red and brown rice by wegmans
Food Score:-1 Calories:270cals Fat:12g Carbs:32g Protein:0g in cup
"in your face" spicy 3 pepper cheddar by face rock creamery
Food Score:-5 Calories:429cals Fat:32g Carbs:4g Protein:25g in 100g
"jeju" tangerine juice drink by kwangdong
Food Score:-2 Calories:240cals Fat:0g Carbs:55g Protein:1g in 16.9 fl oz
"key lime" pie by snap kitchen
Food Score:1 Calories:216cals Fat:12g Carbs:26g Protein:6g in 100g
"kolechki" cookies by slodych
Food Score:-2 Calories:453cals Fat:20g Carbs:67g Protein:7g in 100g
"papou's" secret spices by strompolos
Food Score:0 Calories:0cals Fat:0g Carbs:0g Protein:0g in 0.5 tsp
"s" cookies by nuccio's
Food Score:-7 Calories:503cals Fat:27g Carbs:57g Protein:7g in 100g
"so-hot cherry peppers with olive oil by victoria
Food Score:3 Calories:227cals Fat:18g Carbs:18g Protein:0g in 100g
"sweet" apple slices by crunch pak
Food Score:5 Calories:53cals Fat:0g Carbs:12g Protein:0g in 100g
"the club" by twice daily
Food Score:-0 Calories:211cals Fat:10g Carbs:19g Protein:12g in 100g
"the works" everything bagel by golden's
Food Score:1 Calories:268cals Fat:2g Carbs:51g Protein:9g in 100g
"world's best" mac & cheese pasta by beecher's
Food Score:-2 Calories:206cals Fat:11g Carbs:20g Protein:9g in 100g
#8 billy club unwich by jimmy johns
Food Score:-2 Calories:181cals Fat:13g Carbs:2g Protein:14g in 100g
$5 pollo bowl original by el pollo loco
Food Score:3 Calories:530cals Fat:7g Carbs:80g Protein:36g in serving
%100 whole grain bread by nature's own
Food Score:4 Calories:269cals Fat:6g Carbs:46g Protein:15g in 100g
'nana pops banana-rama supersnacks by made in nature
Food Score:1 Calories:436cals Fat:18g Carbs:64g Protein:8g in 100g