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368572 Foods

0% organic greek nonfat yogurt by wallaby
Food Score:2 Calories:62cals Fat:0g Carbs:5g Protein:10g in 100g
0% plain yogurt by siggi's
Food Score:2 Calories:60cals Fat:0g Carbs:4g Protein:11g in 100g
0% queso cottage by dos pinos
Food Score:1 Calories:90cals Fat:2g Carbs:4g Protein:15g in 100g
0% raspberry greek yogurt by fage
Food Score:1 Calories:94cals Fat:0g Carbs:15g Protein:8g in 100g
0% requeson pastoret by
Food Score:6 Calories:72cals Fat:0g Carbs:5g Protein:12g in 100g
0% suiker toegevoegd by chocomel
Food Score:2 Calories:100cals Fat:3g Carbs:9g Protein:7g in 200 ml
0% total yogurt by fage
Food Score:3 Calories:53cals Fat:0g Carbs:3g Protein:11g in 100g
0% yogurt with stevia by pastoret
Food Score:1 Calories:46cals Fat:0g Carbs:6g Protein:6g in 100g
0,1 % fat apricot yoginos by ehrmann
Food Score:0 Calories:78cals Fat:0g Carbs:17g Protein:3g in 100g
0,1% fat bio yogurt by andechser natur
Food Score:2 Calories:45cals Fat:0g Carbs:6g Protein:5g in 100g
0,1% fat yogurt bianco magro by carrefour
Food Score:1 Calories:42cals Fat:0g Carbs:6g Protein:4g in 100g
0,1% fett joghurt kirsche by optiwell
Food Score:1 Calories:46cals Fat:0g Carbs:8g Protein:3g in 100g
0,1% grasime iaurt by zuzu
Food Score:2 Calories:33cals Fat:0g Carbs:4g Protein:4g in 100g
0. 5% lowfat milk grade a with vitamins a & d by kroger .
Food Score:3 Calories:90cals Fat:1g Carbs:12g Protein:8g in 236 ml
0.0% gold citrus by db export
Food Score:-0 Calories:128cals Fat:1g Carbs:30g Protein:1g in 330 ml
0.1% blanc battu by slimline
Food Score:1 Calories:51cals Fat:0g Carbs:5g Protein:8g in 100g
0.1% fat fresh milk by almarai
Food Score:1 Calories:34cals Fat:0g Carbs:5g Protein:3g in 100 ml
0.1% fat high protein milk good day by emmi
Food Score:1 Calories:40cals Fat:0g Carbs:2g Protein:7g in 100 ml
0.1% fat yogurt magro bianco sterzinger vipiteno by sterzing vipiteno
Food Score:2 Calories:42cals Fat:0g Carbs:6g Protein:4g in 100g
0.1% low fat high protein milk by coop
Food Score:2 Calories:100cals Fat:0g Carbs:6g Protein:18g in 250 ml