9 subgroups ( 15 total groups ) , 32 Foods ( 106 total foods )

Group Corn-based 1 subgroup , 5 Foods ( 9 total foods )
Group Granola bar bars 2 subgroups , 3 Foods ( 15 total foods )
Group Kellogg 2 Foods
Group Popcorn oil-popped 4 Foods
Group Potato chips 2 subgroups , 7 Foods ( 16 total foods )
Group Pretzels 1 subgroup , 2 Foods ( 6 total foods )
Group Rice cakes brown 10 Foods
Group Tortilla chips 8 Foods
Group Trail mix regular 4 Foods
Banana chips
Food Score:-11 Calories:519cals Fat:34g Carbs:58g Protein:2g in 100g
Popcorn air popped
Food Score:7 Calories:387cals Fat:5g Carbs:78g Protein:13g in 100g
Snacks beef jerky chopped and formed
Food Score:-6 Calories:410cals Fat:26g Carbs:11g Protein:33g in 100g
Snacks beef sticks smoked
Food Score:-12 Calories:550cals Fat:50g Carbs:5g Protein:22g in 100g
Snacks chex mix
Food Score:-2 Calories:424cals Fat:10g Carbs:75g Protein:9g in 100g
Snacks corn cakes very low sodium
Food Score:-1 Calories:387cals Fat:2g Carbs:83g Protein:8g in 100g
Snacks cornnuts barbecue-flavor
Food Score:1 Calories:436cals Fat:14g Carbs:72g Protein:9g in 100g
Snacks cornnuts nacho-flavor
Food Score:1 Calories:438cals Fat:14g Carbs:72g Protein:9g in 100g
Snacks crisped rice bar chocolate chip
Food Score:-4 Calories:404cals Fat:14g Carbs:73g Protein:5g in 100g
Snacks doo dads snack mix original flavor
Food Score:-2 Calories:456cals Fat:18g Carbs:64g Protein:10g in 100g
Snacks farley candy fruit with vitamins a c and e
Food Score:1 Calories:341cals Fat:0g Carbs:81g Protein:4g in 100g