5 Holiday fitness tips to help you stay healthy over the break

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Get ahead of the resolution rodeo and get relief from the season's stress with these five holiday fitness tips. Now is not the time to put your exercise plan on the back burner. Our tips will help you feel better and manage instead of muddling through the season.

Holiday fitness tips

Holiday fitness tips you can start employing today

Tip 1: Keep goals visible

This year, do things differently! Remind yourself of your weight-loss and health goals in December instead of waiting till the new year. Post your goals where they are visible, such as on your phone or bathroom mirror. Simple reminders such as “eat five servings of fruits and vegetables” or “I will walk today during my lunch break” go a long way in helping you stay on track.

Tip 2: Re-examine your goals

Keep your eye on the prize to prevent getting derailed during the holidays. This busy time of year presents extra temptations and limited time. Consider re-evaluating your goals instead of forcing them or giving up altogether. For instance, if you average five workouts per week, try setting a goal of three instead. If you’ve been losing consistently, try holding your weight steady instead of striving to lose weight during this time.

"Treading water" goals may make the holidays more enjoyable by taking the pressure off. A very reasonable goal, maintaining, presents manageable boundaries during this time of indulgence. Learn additional tips on how to maintain health and fitness over the holiday season here.

Tip 3: Find a workout partner

Find a workout partner who will support you when your motivation starts to fade. Whether in-person or online, exercise buddies help you stay accountable. Or, if you’d rather go at-it-alone, consider signing up for a new workout app such as Fit-On that sends you workout and challenge reminder notifications to keep you on track.

Tip 4: Change your workout time

Change your workout time. Most people will be more consistent if they move their workouts to the morning hours, as many are too tired after work to exercise or find themselves running errands instead. If you already work out some mornings but keep finding ways to miss your activity, change it to the evening instead. The point is to make your workout happen.

Tip 5: Change up your routine

Variety is the spice of life! Our mind and body appreciate a change in routine. Even if it’s just a different activity once a week, this can be a great stress reducer and a way to keep your workouts fun. If you have been working out at home for a while, here are some different online exercise routines to check out.



Low-impact home workouts

Engaging in physical fitness is a wonderful opportunity to give some time and attention to ourselves during the holidays, so here's one final tip. In the spirit of giving this season, give yourself the gift of planned physical activity. You’ll feel refreshed and energized afterward–something we could all use more of this holiday season!

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Contributions by Ryan Newhouse - health writer, MyNetDiary

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Dec 9, 2022

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