Home Gym for Under $100

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Ready to build your own home gym for under $100? You can get a good start by investing in these few items.

Home Gym for Under $100

Ever have dreams of being able to fit in a workout at home instead of having to drive to the gym? Perhaps the price of a gym membership just isn't viable right now. Good news! It's not hard to start a home gym that will provide a variety of workouts for under $100. Furthermore, it will serve as a solid foundation you can add to down the road.

To get started on a home gym, it's important to keep it simple. The idea is to have the fewest pieces of equipment that can give you many different exercises that also target many different muscles.

Before we delve into the specifics, though, another important step is to ensure you have the time and space for a distraction-free workout. Do you have at least 100 square feet of free space (that's 10-feet x 10-feet) with good air circulation, lights and a high enough ceiling to allow for jumps? Is it also kid-free? You'll want to be able to concentrate on your exercises. You also want to ensure you are not exercising near a CO2 source, such as a furnace.

Have that figured out? Great! Next let's discuss some key equipment. On a small budget, you won't want to lock yourself into a set of dumbbells you'll outgrow in a couple months. Dumbbells are fairly static items when compared to something more versatile, like the kettlebell. Kettlebells should average about one dollar per pound.

The kettlebell allows you to perform various swinging and weight-lifting exercises, but you'll need to have something for improving flexibility and strength/endurance training. That's where resistance bands come in handy. These easy to use pieces are also great for taking with you during travel, or even while you're out on a walk or jog to use at a park. They come in different resistance levels, and you'll need at two different ones for a wide variety of exercises.

Every good workout includes cardio, and there is little better out there than the simplicity of a jump rope for a good cardio workout. You can find a nice "speed rope" for under $10.

Weights, check. Endurance, check. Cardio, check. The only thing we're missing now is our core. Core exercises will help us with every aspect of our fitness. And instead of getting a static piece of equipment, like the Ab roller, it's better to invest in a stability ball. They are versatile and reliable.

With all these tools at our disposal, you can create a dynamic circuit routine and burn calories. To recap:

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Feb 21, 2013

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