How to Lose Weight in December

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Don't let December get in the way of eating healthy and exercising. In fact, make it your best month!

How to Lose Weight in December

No doubt that December is the most challenging month to improve on weight loss and health. There are so many distractions and disruptions to our normal schedules; the cold weather and snow may take away some of our favorite outdoor activities; and it seems that there is no shortage of cookies, cakes, cups of cocoa, and calories at hand.

For as much as January is everyone's "best" month for dieting; December is the complete opposite. But what if you can change that? What if you can use December to represent all of life's little challenges that have kept us from hitting our goals so far? In fact, if we can master December, can we not master our entire weight loss journey?

So how do we start? We start small of course. We can start by stocking up on quality, fresh foods that will always be on hand. We'll have plenty of extra foods in the house for those recipes and potlucks and family dinners, but make sure you're not forgetting to keep healthy snacks stocked too.

Don't "shop" for food too! What that means is that while you're out shopping for all the great deals for presents, don't be tempted to hit up that fast food chain for your meal out. Pack a picnic for a planned day out and keep an extra snack in hand to curb the appetite. It's too easy to add an extra 500-1,000 unplanned calories because we've been stressed and in traffic all day while all the good foods we have are at home in the fridge. Just bring them with you.

You probably won't find "time" to exercise, but you can find exercise. Skip the escalator and dash up steps when you can. Embrace the fact that you had to park on the outskirts of the mall parking lot, and even better, walk a lap around a row of cars before you head inside to shop (don't save this step for when you're carrying 10 bags of presents back to your car!).

Use your time off for fun, active things. As tempting as it might be to spend Christmas to New Year's as a couch potato, time off from work means more time to play. We will need exercise more than ever as we face stresses from travel and family.

Stuff your own stocking with a little healthy reminder for Christmas morning. One idea is to put an apple and a jump rope in the bottom of your stocking. Come Christmas morning you'll have a healthy snack and an opportunity to do a little indoor exercising. If you don't like jump roping, get a fitness band or your favorite exercise/yoga video-anything that can prompt you to get off the couch on Christmas and get a couple minutes' worth of blood flowing.

In the spirit that this month is about giving, why not give yourself a break from a few things. Perhaps you choose a cup a tea once in a while instead of that mocha that keeps up moving through the aisles of every store. Or perhaps we take a break from having that slice of pie after dinner, at least once. And why not give ourselves the gift of good sleep by getting to bed an hour earlier at least twice this month?

Think of the small things we can do this month that won't make us feel like we have even more to make up for come January when we start on our New Year's Resolutions.

Tell us, what will you do in December to end 2013 on a positive, healthy note?

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Dec 3, 2013
Ryan Newhouse - health writer, MyNetDiary

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