Food and Exercise Diary for iPhone

Many MyNetDiary members own an iPhone and MyNetDiary provides a special, iPhone app for mobile access to your online diary: MyNetDiary PRO for iPhone Download (the link opens iTunes).

With iPhone, your food log is always available; enter the foods you just ate in a restaurant or exercises you did in a gym. No more evening sessions trying to remember what you ate today!

And you can keep using the regular with your favorite Web browser on your laptop or desktop for the ultimate comfort.

MyNetDiary for iPhone is much more than a calorie counter - it's a full-featured food and exercise diary, helping you to plan your diet and nutrition first, and then track daily foods - with only a few taps!

MyNetDiary for iPhone is the ideal food journal, perfect for entering daily foods and exercises anywhere, anytime.

Meal Screens

Breakfast Screen thumbnail

Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner, and Snacks screens show foods you ate and their calories. Tap "+" button to add more food entries, or tap a food entry to see its details and to edit it.

Food Entry

Food Entry screen thumbnail

This is the screen where you enter foods. Simply start typing a food name and MyNetDiary will show foods found as you type. Then tap the food in the list and you are done. This is really fast and easy with iPhone. Try it and you'll believe it.

But that's not all. Next time you eat the same food, you only need to type few first letters to find the food - it will be shown at the top of the list, in blue. Type the first few letters and tap to select. You are done.

MyNetDiary provides the quickest way of entering foods taking only few seconds a day. Accessing your diary from iPhone anywhere and anytime makes MyNetDiary a fun way to lose weight.

Entering Food Amount

Food Weight Entry thumbnail

After you select a food on the Food Entry screen, MyNetDiary shows you available serving sizes (in cups, ounces, grams, etc.) of the food. Tap a serving to select, or enter an amount and tap the serving.

As always, MyNetDiary remembers your choices so the next time you eat the same food, the amount you ate - such as "0.5 cup" - will be shown on the top of the list in blue. Just tap the amount and you are done. It doesn't get any easier.

Food Label

Food Label thumbnail

For any food, you can see the full food label with all nutritional information - just tap the Nutrition button.

In a restaurant? Quickly check the nutrition facts of your meal or choose a meal that fits into your daily nutrition plan.

Custom Foods

Custom Food screen thumbnail

Have your own recipe or a food that is not yet in our huge food database? Quickly enter key information from its food label on the Custom Food screen.

Use MyNetDiary for estimating the calorie content of your recipe based on nutrition labels of the ingredients and save the result as a custom food.

Once entered, your custom food descriptions are always available for your future daily food entry.

Exercise Entry

Exercise Entry screen thumbnail

Enter exercises and activities on the Exercise Entry screen with the same ease and convenience as foods.

The next time, type only the few first letters to find the exercise and tap to select. Then tap on the amount - either time or exercise intensity and you are done.

Weight Screen

Weight screen thumbnail

Keep track of your weight loss on the Weight screen. Enter your weight after each weigh-in. MyNetDiary understands both English and metric units; enter whichever you like.

MyNetDiary calculates your BMI automatically.

Weight Chart

Chart screen thumbnail

Finally, the Weight Chart screen shows your weight loss progress as a simple chart. See how fast you lose weight.

See your ultimate charts and nutrition reports on the main site.

Have an iPhone? Get our PRO iPhone app on iTunes. If you have an iPad, get our special iPad HD app.