Learn how kettlebell workouts can support weight loss, then try one of our favorite workout videos

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Joanna Kriehn
Joanna Kriehn, MS, RDN, CDCES - Registered Dietitian Nutritionist and Certified Diabetes Care and Education Specialist (CDCES)

If you are looking for a new, efficient strength training workout that will challenge your body in different ways, kettlebells may be right for you and right for weight loss. Here’s how kettlebells can help you build muscle to support weight loss, along with some of our favorite online workouts.

Kettlebell weight loss

Kettlebells v. traditional dumbbells: Does one assist weight loss better?

Kettlebells are round hand-held weights with a small handle on top. Originally from Russia, kettlebells were used as counterweights for weighing grains and other farming goods in the markets.

Ranging from eight to roughly 100 pounds, these distinctive weights have become a popular way to strength train. Kettlebell workouts are unique because they work several muscle groups simultaneously, making them more efficient than lifting traditional dumbbells.

Working out with kettlebells involves both static and dynamic movements. Generally, it involves many reps with little rest in between movements. You’ll notice your heart rate increasing quickly, your balance and coordination tested, and your muscles challenged.

Kettlebells support weight loss in the same way that other strength training does. Strength training helps you burn calories during exercise and builds muscle strength, increasing calorie burning at rest. Strong muscles are essential to maintain balance, blood sugar control, and bone health.

Kettlebell safety tips

If you are new to kettlebell workouts, start with lighter weights so you can focus on building a solid foundation and good form.

Suppose you are new to weight training or recovering from an injury; consider working with a personal trainer who can tailor workouts to your current fitness level and health goals.

When it comes to kettlebell safety, just like any other exercise, listen to your body and stop the exercise if something doesn’t feel right.

A few of our favorite kettlebell workouts for weight loss

Full-body kettlebell exercises

If you are new to kettlebell workouts and want some explanation with 12 full-body exercises, check out this video by “Bob and Brad PT.”

Standing kettlebell core workout

This engaging 12-minute workout uniquely targets your core. Instructed by Amy, a personal trainer from “Body Fit by Amy.”

Kettlebell legs workout

Get your heart rate up and strengthen your quads, hamstrings, and glutes with this 15-minute workout from “Body Fit by Amy.”

Full-body kettlebell workout

Make sure to warm up before this one! A 30-minute kettlebell workout that will get your heart pumping. This video requires only one kettlebell and incorporates alternating hand-grip kettlebell swings in between 20 different upper and lower-body exercises. Led by personal trainer Caroline Girvan.

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