23 June 11 Make it Fun for the Whole Family

In honor of our recent winner, Peter Ollodart's, new project, Fitness Fans of America, we thought it appropriate to list some family-friendly activities that encourage everyone to enjoy, promote and stick with exercise, from an early age and into adulthood. Childhood obesity is a serious epidemic, and it's likely that one out of three children will be diagnosed with Type II diabetes as an adult. Diabetes is a disease MyNetDiary cares about deeply, and we want to do our part to empower people to limit their risk factors through good nutrition, exercise and healthy lifestyles.

Summer is an especially critical time for children to be active, as they are out of school and looking for things to do. Too often those "things" include sitting inside on the couch playing video games or watching television. But if the weather is nice, there's no excuse for not getting outside for some exercise.

Kids need, at a bare minimum, 30 minutes of free play at least three times a week, so make this a family "play time," full of running, jumping, hiding, seeking and discovering. Also, plan at least one highly-active family outing/activity every weekend during the summer. Make a plan as a family so the kids feel involved; they're more likely to maximize that time and participate if they get to help make the decision.

Summer is a great time to pick up a new hobby, and that can include a new sport, playing with a new friend or walking to a new park. If you can't get your kids into an organized team sport or camp during the summer, due to cost or schedule, make up your own neighborhood league and organize some friendly kickball or dodge-ball matches.

With all the sunny days we'll have this summer, ditch the car as much as possible and travel by foot or bike. And if you or your neighborhood is planning a "Car Wash" day, encourage people to bring out their bikes for a "Bike Wash" too. This is a great activity for kids to do!

Make up summer-long contests among family and friends for activities like jump roping, hula hooping and hop-scotching. Crown the winner before summer ends at a healthy Labor Day cookout.

Mowing the grass is great exercise, if you're using a push mower. Let the older kids cut grass, but not with a riding mower. Who knows, they may get inspired to start their own summer business cutting lawns in the neighborhood. Another great kid-friendly and outdoor activity is gardening.

Summer is the time to get creative and get active. Share with us some of your summer plans for fostering a family-friendly and active lifestyle.

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