Not Getting Enough Sleep Can Cause Weight Gain

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A new study shows that people who are sleep deprived (restricted to 5 hours) consume more calories and gain weight compared to when they are allowed to sleep up to 9 hours. Tips on how to get more sleep are included.

Not Getting Enough Sleep Can Cause Weight Gain

Stretching yourself too thin? If you don't sleep enough, you could be setting yourself up for weight gain. A new study from CU-Boulder shows that when folks are restricted to sleeping only 5 hours a night, they end up eating more calories than they burn, which in turn causes them to gain weight.

Interesting Findings

Tips for Getting More Sleep

The National Sleep Foundation recommends controlling our "sleep environment" so that we can get more restful sleep.

Noise. Create white noise to help block out sounds that keep you up: run a fan or buy an alarm clock that has a white noise feature. Consider wearing ear plugs.

Temperature. Find your sweet spot somewhere between 54F - 75F to avoid getting too cold or too hot.

Light. Get bright light during the day but minimize it in the evening. Use a dim night light if you get up in the middle of the night.

Sleep surface. Get a good mattress or sleeping surface so you are not contorted or wake up in pain.

Snoring. If you snore so loudly that no one can sleep anywhere near you, then it is time for a sleep apnea test to see if you are getting enough oxygen during the night. If you sleep beside someone who snores and it keeps you up, make them get a sleep test!

Power down. No TVs, computers, or work in the bedroom.

You might want to think about how to shift your downtime or "me time" to earlier in the evening. Perhaps something in your schedule can change to make more time for sleep. Prioritize sleep for your health and weight and you will find the time!

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Mar 19, 2013
Katherine Isacks
Katherine Isacks, MPS, RDN, CDE - Registered Dietitian and Certified Diabetes Educator (CDE)

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