A personal journey and success story using MyNetDiary

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Successful weight loss

Successful weight loss with MyNetDiary

Tim D shares his personal journey and successful weight loss using the MyNetDiary app. Gain inspiration from his accomplishments and learn how he invited his family to try MyNetDiary. Family support and MyNetDiary led to many pounds lost!

"The MyNetDiary app was actually recommended to my wife for my son from his pediatrician and my wife came home and told me about the app. I said "Yeah right, just another something that won't work." Then I thought if I tried it then I could set a good example for my son and it would make him stick to it. He actually hit a growth spurt and really didn't need to do the app. After looking and reading the reviews and testimonials from people, young and old, men and women, I felt this was the best app I have been introduced to. Let's see what happens. I especially liked that there are no forbidden foods which was a plus right off the bat. I didn't have to give up anything I liked as long as I hit my numbers.

I started on 8/16/18 at 327 pounds. I started seeing results and having people comment and notice my weight loss and I'm now down to 210 pounds. My goal weight is 200 and I feel great. I also would like to mention my nephew Conner. He saw what I was doing and he started following the app after sharing it with him and helping him with logging. He lost over 100lbs. I can't begin to say how proud of him I am. My mom also did really well on the app after I sent it to her. She has been very supportive of me by keeping food labels when making family gathering meals so I can log the foods.

I have been walking to help with my weight loss. I upgraded to premium to earn the step bonus which has helped me with extra calories in my budget for late-night snacking. I must say when I first started it was a little rough but after building my frequent foods it started getting much easier. The ability to save favorites is HUGE. The MyNetDiary app has come a long way with improvements since I started and the support team has been very helpful when emailed with questions and concerns."

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Oct 16, 2020

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