The Best Cleanse Ever

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There is one cleanse that can beat out all other cleanses, but can you bring yourself to do it? That's the test.

The Best Cleanse Ever

Forgive the title. It's not meant to be too misleading, but many readers are probably turning here to read about the best diet cleanse ever and what they should eat/drink/avoid for X days to clean out their system. However, there is a different kind of cleanse that could do your body a lot better in the long run and help you live a healthier life. Furthermore, in the nearing holiday season, doing this cleanse could be of help to many less fortunate than ourselves. Read on to find out just what we're talking about.

The "cleanse" we will be discussing today is simple: cleanse your kitchen (cupboards, fridge, and freezer). The simplicity lies in the fact that if bad foods are not within reach, they won't be eaten. Consider all the emotional and physical "baggage" we carry with us during our weight loss journey. Chances are high that we also have "food baggage" hanging around in hidden parts of our kitchen. Now it's time to clean it out and start fresh, literally and figuratively (i.e. fresh fruits and vegetables!).

What is "food baggage"? It's anything that gets in the way of you eating healthy every time you eat at home. Depending on what kind of food plan (a.k.a. "diet") you're following, you could be harboring a variety of foods that hinder more than help. Have a bag of chocolate chips lying around for some future batch of cookies? Have a loaf of bread in the freezer and trying to eat Paleo-style? How many unhealthy oils, dressings, or condiments are in your cupboards and fridge doors? It's time to pare down and play a new game.

Most of us hang on to all these little unhealthy things because we might want to bake a batch of cookies sometime. Or we just "treat" ourselves every once in a while (which sometimes turns into every day, or after every meal). But what happens when we get hungry? We turn to the quickest, easiest thing we can find, often healthy or not. If we spend an afternoon cleansing our kitchen, everything within our reach can be the healthy choice. Instead of reaching for the box of crackers or chips, we grab almonds because that's what's in their place. Instead of palming a few cookies in the afternoon for a pick-me-up, we bite into an apple because those are on the counter.

If you can set aside an afternoon to thoroughly take stock of what you have, you might walk away with a box of foods you don't need. And one of the best things you can do with many of those items is donate it to your local Food Bank. Many food banks experience a food shortage during this season. Just read here what are good things to donate, and use this to find your nearest Food Bank.

Now when it comes to your refrigerator, here is the time to make it shine. Imagine the fridge being a blank canvas in the shape of a food pyramid, or the new MyPlate. You can stock your fridge according to what you eat most of. And one neat trick is to use that shelf that's at eye-level for healthy "quick snacks," which can be yogurts or pre-measured nuts, fruits, 3-oz. of proteins, etc. If you get hungry, or your kids get hungry, the answer is literally at your fingertips. It will be easy to see what healthy food groups are getting low, which lets you know what to shop for at the grocery store. You can better monitor all your foods by organizing and reducing what you have access to every hour you're at home.

What do you think? Is this something you can try this season? Let us know what unhealthy things you found lying around the kitchen, and happy "cleansing"!

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Nov 14, 2013
Ryan Newhouse - health writer, MyNetDiary

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