You need tips for healthy feet to keep you on your toes and on the go

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Joanna Kriehn
Joanna Kriehn, MS, RDN, CDCES - Registered Dietitian Nutritionist and Certified Diabetes Care and Education Specialist (CDCES)

You strive for an active lifestyle but could use some healthy tips to make sure your feet keep up with you! We often take for granted that the human foot needs protection and support for its 26 bones, 33 joints, and a matrix of ligaments, tendons, and muscles. In addition, we often overlook the importance of our feet until we experience pain or injury. Trust these ideas to keep you on the go.

Tips for healthy feet

One of the first tips for healthy feet starts with managing your weight

Research shows that as body weight increases, there’s an increase in foot pain experienced by adults. Experts note that even a gain of 25 pounds puts additional stress on the foot and ankle, leading to common issues such as fallen arches and pronation.

Excess body weight can create a vicious cycle. If your weight is making it uncomfortable to exercise, you may find you move less, thus adding to weight gain. The same goes for painful feet. If your feet hurt, you are not likely to bother standing, walking, or moving around that much. Ironically, many of us tend to consume more calories mindlessly when less active or experiencing pain.

Properly fitting footwear helps

Footwear that provides arch support and doesn’t rub helps improve balance and prevent falls.

Check your shoes and socks for anything that could cause a blister. Wear soft, comfortable, moisture-wicking socks. Inside your home, wear “house shoes” or slippers with tread to provide support for your feet and traction. Wearing just socks indoors can increase your chance of slipping, resulting in injury.

How to keep healthy feet if you have diabetes

Foot care is even more critical if you have diabetes. Over time, high blood sugar can harm your feet. Compromised blood flow to the feet and the loss of protective sensation also increase your risk of a foot injury.

Keep on your toes and your health by noticing your feet daily. Experts suggest seeing a podiatrist at least once a year. If you have problems with your toenails, ask about getting them professionally trimmed as a covered benefit for diabetes.

Here is additional information on maintaining healthy feet with diabetes.

Is foot care part of your wellness routine?

For nice, healthy feet, incorporate these practical foot care tips into your routine.

Skin loses moisture more quickly as we age, contributing to dry, cracked heels. To keep your feet soft and smooth, use lotion after bathing. Gently rub cream into the tops and bottoms of your feet, avoiding between the toes.

Trim toenails about every two weeks, cutting straight across to avoid ingrown toenails. Pedicures can be a source of infection. If you have diabetes, a foot infection can be serious. Perhaps find other ways to pamper yourself at a salon outside of a pedicure if the possibility of infection is a concern.

We hope these tips for healthy feet will help you put your best foot forward so that you remain active now and in the future.

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