Tools for the Kitchen and Losing Weight

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Bring out the big tools in the kitchen that will help you save the day, get healthy, and lose weight!

Tools for the Kitchen and Losing Weight

When you search for "Tools for Losing Weight," the most common results are the latest-and-greatest cardio machines, in-home workout kits, DVD sets, and this thing. However, the tools that can really make a difference in improving healthy eating lifestyles and losing weight are where your food the kitchen. Makes sense, right? Let's look at a few tools that should be front and center in your kitchen so they get used frequently (i.e. don't tuck these away in the cupboard and "promise" yourself you'll bring them out when needed).

There are countless adages that remind us, "The best tool is the one we have with us." Similarly, the best tools in our kitchen are the ones we use. When we are eating healthy, presumably that means we are eating more fresh foods and less processed ones. Furthermore, we can then infer that eating more fresh foods means more meal planning, sometimes more prep time, and more frequent grocery shopping trips.

That stuff doesn't always make people stumble when they are dedicated to losing weight. What can make people stumble is getting bored with their foods. How many ways can one steam broccoli or cauliflower and make it a crowd-pleaser? Not many. However, with the right tools by your side you can make the ordinary turn into the extraordinary. Here's how.

Kitchen Scale - This is a must-have for managing what goes on our plates and in our recipes. Digital scales can switch quickly between grams, ounces, pounds, etc. Plus they are easy to "tare," or zero-out. Scales are even better than measuring cups because of the margin of error due to rounding and settling.

Blender - It's true that it's a little better to eat a fresh apple than a dish of applesauce (fiber and all that), but a blender has so many other uses. From smoothies (with a few sneaky vegetables thrown in) to from-scratch soups or soup bases, it's better with a blender.

Food Processor - If you have one of these, go get it out of the cabinet right now and keep it accessible. From slicing and shredding to dough-making, a food processor can break down tons of fresh foods, making them easier to incorporate into dishes. Don't know what to do with Brussels sprouts? Shred them raw, give them a quick softening in a hot pan with broth and then toss them into a meatloaf and bake. Quick and easy!

Food Dehydrator - Now this one should come with a "user agreement" because it's almost too easy to go overboard with dried foods. What I mean is that you can end up over-indulging in dried fruits, for instance, because they are sweeter than fresh fruits, and you can eat a lot more of it quickly. However, dried fruit and veggies are way better than rotten ones, so as a food "saver" you can't be a dehydrator. Plus the benefit (and cost savings!) of making your own jerky is worth the price alone.

Immersion Blender - You really can't have too many blades in the kitchen, and an immersion blender is small, easy to use, and convenient. From thickening soups to making quick smoothies or whipping up a cup of Paleo Coffee, an immersion blender deserves to be in every kitchen.

Slow Cooker - I can't begin to track the numbers of hours a slow cooker has saved me in my dinner-making life. The slow cooker isn't for dumping cans of Cream of Mushroom soup in like mom used to do. No, it is a vital part of modern cuisine that can produce amazingly healthy one-pot meals while you're doing other things (like exercising...yay! Or!).

A Darn Good Knife - Do you know what I really like? Fresh tomato slices. Do you know what I dislike? Mushy tomato "guts" from broken pieces of tomatoes. That's why I have at least one excellent quality kitchen knife, clean, sharpened, and at my disposal. If I know I'll be frustrated when I'm deciding on what fresh foods to cut up because my knife doesn't cut well, I'll choose something easier instead. Don't do that; get a good knife!

If you have most/all of these tools, you are set. Of course, there are many other things you can add, like vegetable peelers, mandolins, herb-savers, and spice grinders, but as long as you're in the kitchen making delicious and healthy dishes, you are winning.

Note: there are no product links in this article because we trust our readers to find and buy what they need based on their location, budget, and shopping preferences.

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Sep 25, 2014
Ryan Newhouse - health writer, MyNetDiary

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