Trying to Lose Weight? Accept Your Body Along the Way

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To make your weight loss journey easier, you must learn to love yourself along the way.

Trying to Lose Weight? Accept Your Body Along the Way

Losing weight is a slow and steady journey. There are no quick tricks or shortcuts. It's about eating right, exercising, and creating a calorie deficit. But there is one way to make it feel a bit easier, and that is to accept your body the way it is while working to also make it healthier. If you get stuck criticizing your body, you can get stuck. If you plateau or your progress slows, any negativity you already feel toward your body is compounded and it gets harder to keep up the fight. Here are a few ways you can learn to love your body the way that it is but still embrace the change toward a healthier you.

Just don't fight it - wherever you focus your attention is where you see growth. This works, paradoxically, as a negative too. If you focus negative energy on yourself, you'll be prone to self-sabotage and not hit your goals. If you can accept your body without feeling negative toward it, you can also feel disappointment in not hitting a goal but still regain the drive to do better.

Take charge of your mindset - If you make the conscious effort to take charge of how you think of yourself, half the battle is over. Remind yourself to speak positively about your body and your accomplishments. Focus on the good changes, not the failures.

Honor yourself - Make no judgments. It may seem counter-intuitive to accept and honor your body when it's the very thing you are working to change, but if you can love yourself in the process, it can make the journey that much easier and enjoyable.

Communicate with yourself - It might be as literal as writing yourself a letter, but it's important that you tell yourself you want to accept who you are. Your relationship with your body is as real as a relationship with another person; it creates its own energy. If you can strengthen this relationship, you can feel better connected with yourself and be able to release the unwanted weight.

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Mar 14, 2013
Ryan Newhouse - health writer, MyNetDiary

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