Weight Watchers

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  • Nov 21, 2017

Weight Watchers is a solid weight loss program that has stood the test of time and research. This post describes the Weight Watchers plan - what it is, the pros and cons, and if it is effective for weight loss.

Weight Watchers

What is the diet?

The Weight Watchers program has been around for more than 50 years. Jean Nidetch founded the program, which began by inviting friends to her home for a weekly discussion about the best ways to lose weight. Weight Watchers is not really a diet, but rather a program for lifestyle-change. You can eat whatever you want, however the program incentivizes you to make healthier choices using its points system.

Weight Watchers has updated its program over the years, basing its changes on the evolving science of nutrition and weight management. In 2015, Weight Watchers launched the Beyond the Scale Program. At the core is the SmartPoints value that is assigned to foods and beverages based on calories, saturated fat, sugar and protein. This updated version of Weight Watchers leads you to choose more fruits, vegetables, and lean protein because they have lower point values. The daily points allowance is based on gender, age, height and weight, and everyone gets at least 30 points a day. Another component of the new program is called Beyond the Scale. It helps you track daily physical activity and gives credit for activities from housework to jogging, tailoring the program to an individual's fitness level. It also focuses on behavioral change and overall health, rather than simply focusing on weight.




Weight Watchers program costs vary according to the three plan options and available specials. There is a $20 starter fee that may be waived with specials. Rates can be paid weekly or monthly, and range from $4.61 per week for the online-only program to $10.77 for the personal phone-coaching and online program. The monthly all-inclusive package, called Total Access, costs $69.95 per month. There is no long-term contract required. If you are employed, check with Human Resources to see if your employer offers assistance with fees. Contact Weight Watchers for current prices and available specials.

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