Ten 150-calorie snacks you can buy at Trader Joe's

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Martha M. Henze
Martha M. Henze, MPH, MS, RDN - Registered Dietitian Nutritionist and Global Public Health Epidemiologist

Want to snack but not blow your calorie budget? Try these 10 tasty 150-calorie snacks that you can find at Trader Joe's.

150 calorie snacks

Looking for snacks at Trader Joe's is like sending a child into a candy store. Yummy options create difficult choices-and you want them all now! However, if weight loss is your goal, you don't want to go over your calorie limit on a few nibbles that were supposed to hold you only until the next meal. Sticking with 150-calorie snacks that are high in fiber and protein will keep you on track when you snack. Whether you are craving a sweet treat, searching for something salty, looking for a spicy bite, or begging for a bubbly, refreshing drink, Trader Joe's answers the call.

150-calorie snacks you can buy at Trader Joe's

1. Fruits and Vegetables

Start building your 150-calorie snacks in the produce aisles. Fresh produce provides about 50 calories per 1/2 cup, so it's easy to pair a fruit or vegetable with a high-protein or high-fiber food to create a satisfying snack under 150 calories. Mix strawberries with Greek yogurt or dip cauliflower into bean dip, for a delicious and nutritious nibble.

2. Hummus

One day while shopping at Trader Joe's, I counted 10 different types of hummus. Since two tablespoons of hummus provide about 50 calories, 2 grams of protein, and 2 grams of fiber, it packs in long-lasting energy.

Searching for spicy?

Try their famous Organic Buffalo Style Hummus.

Can't decide between guacamole or hummus?

Pick up some Organic Spicy Avocado Hummus.

Simply need a little sweet?

Try Chocolate Hummus. Skeptical? Chickpeas are still the first ingredient; however, cocoa blended in makes a unique delicacy. If you want to increase your protein at breakfast, spread some chocolate hummus on a piece of whole grain toast and top with sliced strawberries.

What should I dip in hummus?

  • Carrots
  • Cucumbers
  • Broccoli-full of fiber to keep you full longer
  • Cauliflower
  • Celery
  • Grape Tomatoes
  • Bell Peppers-Trader Joe's sells mini-sweet peppers in a small to-go bag.
  • Jicama
  • Your favorite vegetable
  • Whole-grain crackers-just watch the portion!

If you feel like making hummus from scratch, Trader Joe's sells canned chickpeas (garbanzo beans) and tahini (a paste made from ground sesame seeds). Check out this video that shows how easy it is.

3. Icelandic Style Skyr Lowfat Yogurt

A highlight during our stopovers at the Reykjavik-Keflavik Airport in Iceland is buying and eating Icelandic Skyr yogurt. Thankfully, we can now buy this high-protein, high-calcium treat at Trader Joe's. It's thicker than Greek yogurt and less acidic. This filling dairy delight is made with lowfat milk and contains 130 calories. It's made with six live active cultures, keeping your gut healthy.

4. Seltzers with a Splash

Begging for a refreshing, bubbly summer drink with 5 calories per serving, no sugar substitutes, and no artificial colors?

Try my new summer favorite beverage of TJ's Seltzers with a Splash: Seltzer Water Flavored with Cranberry and Lime Juice. Spruce it up by serving in a favorite glass over ice garnished with cut strawberries or orange slices, and mint leaves. Swap this for your Happy Hour drink. Opt for recyclable cans as well.

5. Gone Bananas! or Gone Berry Crazy!

Feeling time for a frozen dessert? And chocolate?

Try TJ's Gone Bananas! Dark Chocolate Covered Banana Slices or Gone Berry Crazy! Dark Chocolate Covered Strawberry Pieces in frozen foods. Four pieces provide 130 calories and 2 grams of protein. Bananas and strawberries are good sources of potassium to help prevent leg cramps when exercising. Both kids and adults will enjoy this frozen snack on a hot summer day.

6. Organic Dried Mango (Unsulfured and Unsweetened)

Many dried fruits have a lot of added sugar; however, this one is unsweetened and still sweet enough. I love ingredient lists with less than five ingredients-all of which I can pronounce. The only ingredient on this label is "organic mango." Like all bright orange fruits and vegetables, mangoes are an excellent source of vitamin A, promoting healthy eyesight and boosting your immune system.

7. Seeds & Grains Crispbread Norwegian Crackers

These crackers are my new favorite cracker! I love the flavor and the crunch. Not only are the first six ingredients whole grains and seeds, they also taste great. For a gathering, place them on a charcuterie board with cheese, olives, and grapes, and watch your guests enjoy them. There's also a gluten-free variety.

8. Everything But The Bagel Seasoned Smoked Salmon

Trader Joe's outdid itself, by combining salmon with its famous Everything But The Bagel Seasoning. Each slice of salmon is flavored with garlic, onion, poppy seeds, and black and white sesame seeds. Just remember to check your teeth after eating. The black seeds love to hide between your teeth! Salmon is a rich source of omega-3 fatty acids, which is vital for heart health. It is also an excellent, high-protein topper for the Whole-Grain Norwegian Crispbread listed in #7 above.

9. Lightly Salted Edamame (in frozen foods)

Searching for something that satisfies your savory tooth?

When eating out and searching for a healthy appetizer at restaurants, I often choose edamame served in a cute appetizer bowl. However, I am always shocked at the price for such a small portion. Trader Joe's has rescued me. Now I can make enjoy this snack at home. A 1/2 cup serving provides me with 100 calories, 9 grams of protein, and 4 grams of fiber.

10. Peanut Butter Filled Pretzels

Voted 2018 "Favorite Snack" at Trader Joe's, what's not to like about these peanut-butter filled pretzels? Whether you have a salty or sweet snack craving or want a crunchy texture, this snack satisfies. Eleven pretzels provide 140 calories, 5 grams of protein, and 2 grams of fiber. Peanut butter is an excellent plant source of protein and filled with unsaturated "healthy" fats, which can help lower your risk of heart disease.

The ideal snack contains protein and fiber to keep you full longer between meals. If you head into Trader Joe's, you will find hundreds of snacks. Be wise and selective. Choose flavorful 150-calorie snacks that align with your taste, calorie goals and healthy-eating habits.

What's your favorite Trader Joe's snack under 150 calories?

Disclaimer: I do not work at Trader Joe's. I just enjoy shopping there. Since posting, the details of these items may have changed due to a variety of reasons. Please contact Trader Joe's for current prices, availability, and product details.

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