14 April 11 Being a Good Role Model to Our Children

Sometimes we focus our weight loss journey inwards so much (“I’ve got to plan time to exercise. I’ve got to start eating right”) that we don’t always take time to reflect on its impact on those around us, especially our children. Sure, many of us look to our children for inspiration (“I’m losing weight so I’ll be around for them in their later years, or so I can play with them more”), but we should always remember that our children watch everything we do - so let’s be good role models and include them in our journey as much as we can, which also equips them with the knowledge of good nutrition and exercise.

Obesity rates among children have been on the rise. In 2008 it was reported that nearly one child out of five ages 6 to 11 is obese, and 18% of teens 12 to 19 are obese. Additionally, a staggering two-thirds of obese children will also become overweight adults. These stats have prompted growing attention to this epidemicand the launch of initiatives like the First Lady’s Let’s Move program and Kid’s Health by Nemours. These sites provide great tools for teaching kids the importance of nutrition and exercise, but who kids really learn from is us.

Your family can be the best support team for your weight loss journey, and there are great ways to get them involved more so than just being cheerleaders. Below are a few things you can do with your kids so they can be part of your success:

Bring Them Grocery Shopping with You

Have your kids find the foods you should be eating. Don’t just tell them what’s on your list. Let them get creative in the store, perhaps even letting them create a meal once a week. You can even turn a shopping trip into a scavenger hunt. Give them clues about what nutritional value you are looking for in a food and see what they bring back to match it.

Let Them Weigh In with You

Don’t hide the numbers on the scale from your family. Ask your kids to read them aloud to you. You can even create a chart in the bathroom on which they can record your changes (or let them enter your weight on MyNetDiary.com or in your App).

Play-xercise with Them

Have your kids ride their bikes while you jog a mile or two, or take turns timing sets of jumping jacks, push-ups, etc. Create a family-friendly Olympics-themed picnic one Saturday, with each family member creating an active, competitive game. Not all your exercise needs to happen at the gym and away from your family.

Let Them Make YOU Lunch

How many lunches have parents made for their children - millions! Why not ask them to return the favor every once in a while? Again, by communicating your nutritional goals and calorie needs, let your kids get involved with your food and come up with a healthy (and tasty) lunch you will take to work.

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