4 May 2018Calorie Deficit Diagrams added to Daily Analysis

Dear MyNetDiary users, we have extended our web app with new Calorie Deficit diagrams. We need your feedback while working on the deficit diagrams for Android and iPhone. If your plan is to lose weight, please take a look at flask animation in web app's Daily Analysis section:

MyNetDiary apps have always explained the short "on target" statement with text and numbers. The new animated, interactive flask diagram visualizes calorie deficits and links them to your diary records. Click anywhere on the diagram to get more details.

Calorie Deficit analysis for current day allows MyNetDiary to estimate weight by target date:

Go through your days using Daily Analysis section, you may see "slower loss" days:

Rare days like this have calorie surplus:

Daily deficit diagrams interplay with Weight & Calories chart:

Do you like the new animation? Does it help in your weight loss journey?

Thank you for your feedback!

-- MyNetDiary Team

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