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Brenda Braslow
Brenda Braslow, MS, RDN, LDN, CDCES - Registered Dietitian Nutritionist and Certified Diabetes Care and Education Specialist (CDCES)

If you haven't already discovered MyNetDiary's Library, it's time. You can count on MyNetDiary's team of expert dietitians to guide you with weight loss, fitness, overall healthy lifestyle, and tracking tips. Here are some links to highlights of our library.

Health and fitness tips

Highlights from the MyNetDiary Library

It's chock full of health and fitness tips, dietitian tips for weight loss, and hacks for quicker, easier, and more successful tracking!

Planning weight & calories

Start here to discover how calorie planning works to help you reach your weight goal.

Develop a personalized nutrition plan by setting targets with MyNetDiary

Find out how to set up your nutrition plan to achieve your goals.

Measuring and estimating portion sizes

Practical tips on portion control, including how to measure and estimate portion size.

Import recipes to your MyNetDiary account for easy and accurate tracking

Tips for importing recipes into MyNetDiary like a pro.

Leverage MyNetDiary's robust food database with these tips for searching basic and staple foods

Learn how to use MyNetDiary's food database, making it quicker and easier to log your food.

Highlights from the Weight Loss Dietitian Blog Library

It's more than tips for weight loss. It has content from experts who share their wisdom and professional experience for optimal health, nutrition, and well-being! Here is a sampling of topics we cover to support you on your healthy lifestyle journey.

Tip: You can see the blog feed on your dashboard. It is turned on by default for new users. This is a great way to get state-of-the-art health information straight from the experts. If you inadvertently turned it off, you can easily add it back to your dashboard by going to Configure Dashboard item at the bottom of your Dashboard.

20 Small changes to your diet and lifestyle that will add up to big weight loss results!

Learn how to build positive health changes into your day to become a more vibrant, happier you.

MyNetDiary how-to videos can help you become a tracking pro in no time!

Whether you are new to tracking with MyNetDiary or are an experienced user, check out these helpful videos to get the most out of our powerful tracker.

How to start a running program when you're feeling out of shape

Tips for starting, or restarting, a running program.

Carb Genius makes tracking net carbs super-easy for your low-carb and keto lifestyle!

Find out how MyNetDiary helps you track macros, net carbs, ketones, 50 nutrients, and more when using IOS or web-based tracking.

3 Fitness testing exercises to see how physically fit you are

Take these simple tests to see where you rank according to the fitness level charts.

3 Major nutritional benefits of peanut butter and new recipes you can start making today!

Find out why peanut butter is a nutrition powerhouse and get 5 delicious recipes

Do you know your A1C test result and what it tells you about blood sugar control?

Learn all about this powerful blood sugar indicator.

Social support and weight loss: Find your tribe to lose more weight and keep it off!

Advice on how to develop a social support network to ensure your success.

To explore all of the content in the MyNetDiary library, check out the different categories on your desktop or app. Our wide range of health and fitness topics covers many areas from beer and vacation tips to strategies for plant-based eating. Keep the link in your favorites for quick access to healthy lifestyle reading.

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Oct 29, 2021
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