Diabetes Diary: Great Websites for People with Diabetes

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Want more information to help you understand and control your diabetes? This post is a collection of my favorite websites for basic information, self-care, and recipes for people with diabetes.

Diabetes Diary: Great Websites for People with Diabetes

We all have our favorite websites - those we read for pleasure and those we rely on to learn more about a subject. Although I am a certified diabetes educator, I still enjoy perusing resources meant for the person with diabetes.

In this post, I share my favorite websites - those that I think are very helpful and informative. These resources use evidence-based care and are mostly from diabetes organizations with ties to health care or public health organizations. But some resources are private enterprises.

This post is not a comprehensive listing of all online resources - I included those that I use regularly as well as those that patients and clients have told me are helpful. The focus for this blog post is basic information, diabetes care, and recipes.

Basic Info & Diabetes Care

American Diabetes Association
CDC - Diabetes Public Health Resource (English & Spanish)
Diabetes Self-Management This is both an online resource as well as a printed magazine. This is my favorite magazine for people with diabetes - it contains accurate information, tips, and selected monthly recipes.
dLife Great all-around resource but it does have multiple corporate sponsorships.
Joslin Diabetes Center (English & Spanish)
National Diabetes Information Clearinghouse (English & Spanish)


My Food Advisor This is the American Diabetes Association's free online recipe service.
Diabetic Gourmet This is both an online resource as well as a printed magazine.
Diabetic Living This is both an online resource as well as a printed magazine.
Tasteovers by Jackie This is a recipe blog written by the author of one of my favorite cookbooks, "The All-Natural Diabetes Cookbook."

More Resources

MyNetDiary Diabetes Tracker Of course, I highly recommend using MyNetDiary Diabetes Tracker (iPhone app and web program) to track diet, blood glucose, medications, and a host of other parameters that are described in the article Tracking Diabetes with MyNetDiary. Also, note that MyNetDiary's blog dedicates the first Tuesday of every month to "Diabetes Diary" - a post focused on diabetes topics.

Personal Blogs. If you enjoy reading blogs written by people with diabetes, then browse the internet to find one that speaks to you. These are personal accounts so I would not try to compare them to blogs written by healthcare professionals. dLife contains an edited blog containing contributions from people with diabetes at Blogabetes.

Books. There is a large library of diabetes books that deserve mention. I will be writing a separate blog post about my favorite diabetes books (including cookbooks) in the future.

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Aug 6, 2013
Katherine Isacks
Katherine Isacks, MPS, RDN, CDE - Registered Dietitian and Certified Diabetes Educator (CDE)

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