14 August 12 Diabetes Resources at MyNetDiary

Diabetes Tracker App & Web
If you read our blog regularly, then you already know that last month, MyNetDiary launched their super Diabetes Tracker app for the iPhone. Since I work as a diabetes educator, I am always looking for useful tools for my patients with diabetes. And this app is it! Diabetes Tracker is a great tool that allows you to easily track diet, exercise, and blood glucose, as well as other important parameters related to diabetes management (e.g. insulin, medication, blood pressure, lipids, etc). Say "Goodbye" to those limited carb counters that come installed on certain meters, pumps, or on other devices and "Hello" to a huge database of foods that are quality-controlled and entered by staff. And in addition to the convenience of the app, you also get the big screen experience from the web program.

Tracking Diabetes with MyNetDiary
As with any app, you will get the most out of your experience if you take a few minutes to read the "Help" screens in the app. But also read "Tracking Diabetes with MyNetDiary" – it has just been published on MyNetDiary's website. There are many nifty features which will help you fully customize your experience: trackers, labels, reports, charts, and carb counting options.

Diabetes Basics
Our previously published article "Tips for Managing Your Diabetes" has been updated and is now entitled "Diabetes Basics." This is a helpful article on the basics of diabetes management. A must-read for anyone with newly diagnosed diabetes.

Carbohydrates: Sugar, Starch, and Fiber
Although this is not a diabetes article per se, it is informative and especially helpful to those with diabetes. This article defines carbs and discusses healthy sources of carbs.

Diabetes Websites
In addition to the information provided at MyNetDiary, please be sure to visit websites listed at the end of the diabetes articles listed above. My personal favorites are:

Katherine Isacks, MPS, RD, CDE
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