24 January 2012Important Tips for Calories Tracking Using MyNetDiary

If you are new to MyNetDiary or to calories tracking in general, then please read these tips for ensuring a safe and effective tracking experience.

MyNetDiary Articles

MyNetDiary has a library of articles on nutrition, weight, and exercise on the main website in the Diet Articles section under the Weight Loss tab. If I had to pick one article to read then it would be "The Dreaded Weight Plateau" since it addresses why we don't lose weight at the rate we expect, as well as why we plateau. But if you can, please read all of the articles – they are very helpful.

MyNetDiary Blog

MyNetDiary is fortunate to have two writers on staff, a dietitian (me) and a professional health writer. We also occasionally have guest writers who are experts in their field. Take advantage of our twice-weekly posts to learn more about nutrition, weight, exercise, health, and disease prevention. If I had to pick one post that you should definitely read to use MyNetDiary more effectively, then it would be "Setting a Healthy Target Weight". If you are curious, our top blog posts for 2011 are listed here.

Target & BMR Calories

MyNetDiary is designed to give you flexibility for goal setting so we allow Target Calories for weight loss to dip below your estimated BMR calories. This is helpful in the case where a health professional estimates your caloric needs to be lower than MyNetDiary's calculations (which uses the Institute of Medicine's DRI equations). However, if you do not have a recommended calories level from a health care professional, then I strongly urge you to adjust your goals so that your Target Calories rise to at least meet your estimated BMR calories. You can check your BMR calories in the Details tab on the web or in My Plan in apps. To increase your Target Calories, simply decrease your weekly rate of weight loss. You can also do that by increasing your Target Weight or by entering a Target Date that is further out. Meeting BMR calories is important to lower nutritional risk, minimize loss of lean body mass, and to promote a healthy eating pattern that is permanent and sustainable while you lose weight.

Important: to avoid overestimation of your Target Calories, set your overall activity level to "sedentary" if you plan to enter daily exercise. Do not log activities of daily living since they are already included in all activity levels. If you don't log exercise, then choose the lowest activity level that truly captures your daily experience. See your Account tab on the web for more descriptions of activity levels.

Community Forum

We all need inspiration, feedback, and sometimes, just a good listener so take advantage of our Community Forum. You can post on public forum threads, join existing groups or teams, or even create your own group and invite others to join you. The easiest place to browse these options is on the web version.

If you want specific help from me, the consulting dietitian, then please be sure to post your questions on Ask a Dietitian thread. Also, if you want me to view your data, then change your "Information Sharing" setting in your Community Profile on the web so that I can see your basic data. Identifying information is not revealed.

FAQs Page

There is a lot of information about how MyNetDiary works on our FAQs page. As well, if you are curious as to what subscription levels offer, then view our feature comparison chart. Both pages are found on the main website before you login.

Have questions or comments about this post? Please feel free to comment on MyNetDiary's Forum or Facebook page. I would love to hear from you!

Kathy Isacks, MPS, RD
Consulting Dietitian for MyNetDiary

Extra Resources

Harvard School of Public Health. The Nutrition Source: How to Get to Your Healthy Weight.

Disclaimer: Please note that we cannot provide personalized advice and that the information provided does not constitute medical advice. If you are seeking medical advice, please visit a medical professional.

Katherine Isacks, MPS, RD
Have questions or comments about this post? Please feel free to comment on MyNetDiary's Community Forum or Facebook page – We would love to hear from you. And consider visiting our new Pinterest page!

Disclaimer: The information provided here does not constitute medical advice. If you are seeking medical advice, please visit your healthcare provider or medical professional.


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