30 March 12 Losing Weight, Exercise May Improve Mobility for Those with Diabetes

A new study from Wake Forest University researchers, published in the New England Journal of Medicine, says that the sooner people can get their weight down and start exercising the better their mobility can be, with those who are overweight and have diabetes.

The study says that even a one percent drop in body weight cuts the risk of mobility problems by more than seven percent, and the same increase in fitness level lowered mobility risks by one to two percent.

The researchers say there has yet been a really large study of this nature, so the news is important to get to doctors treating diabetic patients.

As there are an estimated 26 million Americans who have diabetes, most of them with Type 2, this could be another reason diet and exercise play important roles in battling this disease. Additionally, the American Diabetes Association warns that another 79 million Americans are at risk for developing the condition.

Those with diabetes are twice as likely to have mobility problems as non-diabetics the same age.

This new study involved more than 5,000 volunteers, ages 45 to 74, and all overweight or obese. They all reported on their health and mobility for over four years. The non-intervention group saw an increase in the number of people who had severe mobility problems over the course of the study (15 percent up to 19 percent), as they did not diet or exercise. The intervention group saw a decrease in the number of people with severe mobility problems, from 13 percent down to 12 percent.

The take-home message from the study, according to the researchers, is that those with diabetes don't need to lose drastic amounts of weight to improve mobility, but they do need to lose some weight and exercise for at least three hours a week to avoid having their mobility worsen.

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