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The articles below will help you be successful with your low-carb plan, learn about nutrition, and gain valuable tips for using MyNetDiary.

Getting Started

Starting Low-Carb Diet
Starting Low-Carb Diet: 5 Steps For Success

Whether you are starting a low-carb diet for weight loss or blood sugar lowering, MyNetDiary is here to help. Follow these five steps to maximize your success.

Low-carb staples
10 Staples to turn your pantry into a healthy source for a low-carb lifestyle

You won’t regret putting these tasty staples in your shopping cart.

Healthy low-carb foods
Low-Carb Food Grade: Helping You Find Healthy Low-Carb Foods

Need help finding healthy low-carb foods? MyNetDiary's Low-Carb Food Grade can help you plan and evaluate your low-carb diet.

Low-carb diet micronutrients
Are you missing out on these micronutrients on a low-carb diet?

Make sure you are getting these important vitamins and minerals if you are following a low-carb diet.

Create your own workout plan
How to create your own workout plan from scratch

A complete guide on how to create your own workout plan from scratch (no expensive trainer required)

Planning Weight, Calories & Nutrients

Planning weight & calories
Planning weight & calories

Discover how calories planning works at MyNetDiary to help you reach your weight goal.

Personalized nutrition plan
Develop a personalized nutrition plan

Learn how to customize your targets and track more than 108 nutrients with MyNetDiary.

Macronutrients for weight loss
What are macronutrients and what do they have to do with weight loss?

Tracking macronutrients, or "macros", is a part of many weight loss plans. Learn tips for using macronutrients for weight loss, as well as pitfalls to avoid.

low-glycemic diet plan
7 Low-glycemic diet plan strategies to enhance your weight loss and blood sugar control

The glycemic index (GI) can be a useful tool for curbing hunger and tempering blood sugar response after meals. It may also help manage insulin resistance. Try a few of these low-glycemic diet plan strategies to give you an edge with your nutrition plan!

Basics of Tracking

Why Use a Diary To Track Diet and Exercise
6 Reasons using a food and exercise tracker app helps with weight loss

This article discusses the many benefits of keeping a food diary.

Measuring and estimating portion sizes

Practical tips on portion control, including how to measure and estimate portion size.

Food database
Food search tips: basic and staple foods

Learn how to leverage MyNetDiary’s robust food database, making it quick and easy to log your food.

Sharing recipes
Tips for entering, editing, and sharing recipes in MyNetDiary

Get the most out of using MyNetDiary's recipe feature - learn how to enter, edit, and share your recipes like a pro! These tips are helpful for new and experienced users alike. Read this post even if you think you know how to enter recipes.

Import recipes
Import recipes to your MyNetDiary account for easy and accurate tracking

Do you love to cook but have little time to enter all the recipe ingredients for tracking? MyNetDiary makes it quick and easy to import recipes from the web.

Weight Loss & Maintenance

Hidden Cues To Eating
Hidden Cues To Eating

Learn what drives us to overeat and what you can do about it.

Why am I Not Losing Weight?
Why am I Not Losing Weight?

This article explains why you might have stopped losing weight and offers tips for breaking the plateau.

Weight Loss Maintenance
Weight Loss Maintenance

Congratulations, you have achieved your weight goal! Now what do you do?

Nutrition Basics

Dietary fats
Dietary fats

Learn about different types of fats and how to make healthier food choices.

Carbohydrates: Sugar, Starch, and Fiber
Carbohydrates: Starch, sugar, and fiber

This article describes what carbohydrates are and how to make healthier carb choices.

The benefits of eating protein
The benefits of eating protein

Learn about animal and plant sources of protein and how to make smart choices if you are trying to lose weight.

Water - We Need It!
How to figure out how much water you should drink plus an easy way to track it.

Eight glasses of water–is that really how much you should drink every day? Read on to learn about the factors impacting water needs, how much, how often, and how to know if you’re on target.

Diabetes Articles

MyNetDiary provides online tools for tracking blood glucose, insulin, and medications, as well as a special Diabetes Tracker mobile app for iPhone and for Android that can sync with the website. The following two articles provide background information on diabetes, and an overview of tracking diabetes with MyNetDiary — how to get the most out of it.

Diabetes Basics
Diabetes Basics

Describes the basics of healthy eating and carb goals for people with diabetes. This article is also helpful for people with prediabetes.

Tracking diabetes
Diabetes tracking tips

Take charge of your diabetes by tracking your carbs, blood sugar, and medications with MyNetDiary.

Disclaimer: The information provided here does not constitute medical advice. If you are seeking medical advice, please visit your healthcare provider or medical professional.

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